• Interview With Barry Hudson / Director SIM720

    SIM720 - New to the market? - Yes, but not completely new in the Flight Sim world


    What is the background to SIM720?

    SIM720 are an independent company recently launched on the market with a passion to make a difference. Since its incorporation in May 2012, SIM720 has been delivering scenery upgrades, as well as a few English airports add-ons, for ORBX. The first region delivered was FTX EU England and this was followed by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Airports delivered to the market also under the ORBX label were Goodwood, Shoreham, Old Warden, Popham and Compton Abbas. Going forward under the existing contract SIM720 are currently working on the Irish Republic, expected to be released in time for Christmas, and after that Norway South.

    What do you consider your best or most popular work?

    England was a massive project and apparently sold really well and received a best product award, but Scotland was our favourite. To be honest, each project has thrown up its own individual challenges, which we continue to meet. Of course we learnt as we progressed and now on the latter products we produce not only the Landclass work but also the GIS. One always expect in many ways that the favourite will tend to be the latest one developed, which at the moment is the Republic of Ireland, so ask me again after it is released but for now the favourite is Scotland.


    Who are the individuals in SIM720?

    I have always been a flight simmer and used Orbx software along with other supplier products. The trouble was that there was a lack of land class products covering the United Kingdom and therefore it was natural for me to want to create something to fill the gap in their regional offering; hence, as one does, I offered to produce England and Goodwood airport as a start and we've moved on from there. The original SIM720 development team was founded from a gaming clan called Smurfs of War. Our first five team members, namely: Sam Hudson, Nick Svejdal, Keith Lewis, Paul Webster and Jonas Arrenhuis all joined from the clan and are all still with us today. I guess that's where the team spirit comes from. So our current core employees are basically gamers who love flight simulation on all levels. In fact, when the team were given the chance to fly a real aircraft, having never been in one before, they were able to take off, fly around and land unaided by the trained instructor sitting by their side. That's pretty impressive as to their aviation skill level and also as a demonstration that being a simmer can seriously endanger your health; it actually teaches one to really fly - scary.


    Why are you now developing as SIM720?

    We have enjoyed our work developing for ORBX but felt that we had different views as to the future direction for SIM720 and also we wanted our own identity directly with a forum where we could interact with our customers as SIM720. We want to say what we want to say when we want to say it with interaction with the wider community at the level we need for an independent future. Let's face it, as of now, we are not exactly the best known mover and shaker in the industry; but we would like to be and you can't do that without a separate identity as well. We also wanted more freedom to explore other areas outside of just the one client, felt constrained by final decisions on content being out of our hands and major parts such as the GIS not being in our contract at all. We will continue to work with Orbx on agreed regional projects, where we remain in the back office with Orbx calling the shots on content and quality rather than us. However, on the airport production side, it makes no sense for us to work only for one publisher/developer and we have mutually agreed to go our separate ways. The community will in future be able to judge us on our own merits.

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    1. DominicS's Avatar
      DominicS -
      Great interview Barry!!

      Really enjoy your Scottish airports as they remind me of home; great stuff!!

      Keep up the good work!


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