• Review: Fairchild PT-26 Cornell

    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell

    Publisher: Flysimware

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    Bill Stack

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    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell by Flysimware

    Image From Flysimware

    Fairchild's PT-26 Cornell is an American propeller-driven aircraft designed and used for military training before and during World War II. It has a low wing, closed cockpit, single engine, fixed main gear, and a tail wheel. It is powered by a Ranger L-440-3 6-cylinder inverted air-cooled in-line piston engine with 200 horsepower (150 kilowatts). The PT-26 model followed its PT-19 predecessor with canopy-covered cockpits. More than 1,700 PT-26s were built in the United States and Canada in several variants with different engines or other minor differences. Many of them were surplused and sold for civilian use after the war.

    Fairchild is a prolific aircraft manufacturer dating back to 1924. It is known for its C-119 Flying Boxcars and A-10 Thunderbolts. Having acquired Dornier Aircraft Company in 1996, it now manufactures the often-seen Dornier turboprop and jet airliners.

    For basic comparison, the Fairchild PT-26 Cornell is somewhat similar to the stock Cessna 172 in Microsoft Flight Simulator®. Both aircraft are approximately the same length and wingspan and both have about the same maximum gross weight. The C172 has a higher cruising speed, a longer range, and more occupancy than the PT-26 Cornell, however.

    Occupants 2
    Empty Weight 1,845 lbs
    837 kg
    Gross Weight 2,545 lbs
    1,154 kg
    Useful Load 700 lbs
    317 kg
    Fuel Capacity 44 gal
    167 L
    Maximum Operating Speed 115 kts
    212 kph
    132 mph
    Ceiling 15,300 ft
    4,700 m
    Range 348 nm
    644 km
    Length 28 ft
    9 m
    Wingspan 36 ft
    11 m
    Power 200 hp
    150 kw
    Source: Wikipedia

    Flysimware's PT-26 Cornell

    Flysimware's PT-26 Cornell is offered in four liveries. Flysimware says its Cornell is "high poly" with a modified instrument panel and "bonus" custom sounds. It is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator ® version X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®, and it is suitable for multiplayer uses. I reviewed the FSX version.

    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell by Flysimware
    Aircraft Selection Menu
    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell by Flysimware
    Civilian 10674
    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell by Flysimware
    Canada 163
    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell by Flysimware
    US Air Corps 108
    Fairchild PT-26 Cornell by Flysimware
    US Air Corps 64

    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    1. BobK's Avatar
      BobK -
      A couple notes and comments:

      Although there is no autopilot on the panel, the plane responds to the usual autopilot keycommands: Z, Ctrl-N, Ctrl-Z, etc.

      My "Select Aircraft" screen identifies the plane as a PT-29 not a PT-26. The reviewer's screenshot shows PT-26.

      If there is any documentation for this aircraft I can't find it other than the two files PT-26_chk.htm and PT-26_REF.htm, both in the Airplanes\FLYSIM FAIRCHILD PT-26 directory. Neither document shows up on the kneepad, however.

      Nice review of a nice plane.
    1. FlexibleFlier's Avatar
      FlexibleFlier -
      As always, a nice review by Bill Stack.

      Although this is a "simple" airplane to operate I think a POH, checklist and reference are important to get the most out of the product.

      I would also like to see a PT-19 version; i.e., no canopy. Early - very early! - in my flying career, this was my first exposure to aerobatics, such as they were...an old wood and fabric, underpowered airplane was seriously limited but great fun nonetheless. If you ever get a chance to do some loops and rolls in one, be sure to lock the seat position.
    1. iflygary's Avatar
      iflygary -
      Nice little plane and it handles nicely. I bought it within days after it was released. My only two faults of it are the window textures are HORRID and the sound isn't that great either. I had to change out both in order to really get some enjoyment out of it. I also think it's a little pricey considering Alabeo is making similar category aircraft with much better graphics and much cheaper. Just my two cents.

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