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    Livewire Airlines born at the end of 2000 beginning with a small hub in Westchester, NY it has grown to cover much of North America with our Livewire Division. EuroLivewire Division covers Europe, AeroLivewire Division covers South America and part of Africa, and LivewireExpress covers Asia and Australia. Giving the airline 3,996 different flights.

    Today, pilots can choose from thousands of flights with aircraft ranging from the small single prop Cessna to the giants of the sky, like the Boeing 747 and the new Airbus A380.

    Livewire Airlines has much to offer with a wide variety of forums, virtual financial opportunities, 96 job positions in four divisions if you wish to work for the airline. So, if you're looking for a place to call home with the friendliest group of pilots.

    As a Vice-president, and COO of Livewire Division on behalf of all the members Livewire Airlines I invite you to come and visit Livewire Airline.

    Russell Hooten

    1. jlbjerke's Avatar
      jlbjerke -
      Hey Russell,
      Do you have a website or e-mail address with which you would like to be contacted?
    1. maplestrat's Avatar
      maplestrat -
      Quote Originally Posted by jlbjerke View Post
      Hey Russell,
      Do you have a website or e-mail address with which you would like to be contacted?
      I'm not Russell, but the website is www.flightbase2000.com
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      nofliesonme -
      I signed in as a guest using "Guest" and "Sammy" (as per your instructions to view the site) and was denied access! You maybe have a glitch in your system.
      Thanks anyway,
      A Simmer
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      chief95 -
      Hi Nels,

      I am a member of Livewire but had a computer crash and was unable to recover some stuff! I always signed in to Live wire automatically so I never used my password. My Livewire number was "AW2848" I have been trying to sign I as a guest but have been unable to do so. How do I contact administration to I can again fly with AW?

      Thank you for your advice.

      David Cardosa