• BlackBox - Airbus A320 Xtreme Prologue Now Available

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    BlackBox - Airbus X'treme "Prologue" aims to give you a taste of things to come.

    The Airbus is a fly-by-wire marvel that is rightfully acknowledged as one of the most successful aircraft in civil aviation history. With a flight deck unlike that of any other airliner, reproducing this aircraft accurately presents a unique challenge to any add-on developer.

    BlackBox however, have risen to that challenge and taken the award winning PSS Airbus Professional to a whole new level. And will only get better later with the release of AIRBUS X'TREME!

    We can now offer you the Prologue version so you can see and feel what to expect from the full AIRBUS X'TREME v1.00 release.

    BlackBox quality and attention to detail will be second to none, with every system modelled to the fullest possible levels. The smallest of items will be given our full attention and you won't find a switch, knob or button that doesn't do something.

    In the Prologue package you will still have a very useable Airbus simulation with highly detailled MFD screens and ECAMS. These are all switchable and have independant dimmer controls! Some systems and functionality may be limited initially but the MCDU will allow you to program a flight plan from start to finish, including climbs, SIDs, STARs, speed and altitude constraints as well as holding patterns, airways and alternate airports. You'll see your performance figures with Vspeeds and fuel predictions.

    With our regular service updates the ECAM screens will eventually show all your system status including fuel, electrical, hydraulic, pressure systems, doors and landing gear as well as many warnings to help you get things in order.

    The external model features the A319 and A320 with either CFM or IAE engines. They have been recreated using advance 3dsMax techniques and each one contains in excess of 150 thousand polygons, hi definition 4096x4096 texture and bump mapping and a whole host of custom animations that include new fan blade animation for smooth running new "no flicker" wheel animations that rotate smoothly and behave correctly when you stand on the brakes.

    There is also a nicely detalled cockpit and cabin visible through the reflective 3D modelled windows. Open the doors and you have more detail in the cargo bays and galley areas, all illuminated at night.

    The virtual cockpit is another 160K polygons and almost every switch, knob, lever and dial is accurately modelled and animated. Each panel has its own seperate integral lighting and both front and rear overheads are accurately reproduced. There are dimmer controls for each MFD and you can swap them around via the correct pedestal switching. The thrust levers have "built in" detents operated by either joystick, numpad, F1-F4 keys or page up/dn. You will easily find the one intuitive to you. Custom animations include the fold out tables, arm rests and sunscreens on top of all the expected switches, etc. The sidesticks operate correctly and lock properly when using the autopilot.

    All the MCDU and FCU programming can be done from either the 2D panels or in the VC either directly or via the many pop-up screens a click away.

    The Airbus flight model has been reproduced and tested by three independant current Airbus pilots and includes our custom fly by wire system and envelope protection laws.

    Pilot comments during testing:

    "Good to see high speed and low speed protections working correctly and A.FLOOR and TOGA LK working perfectly as they should!"

    "For what you've decided to include in the prologue version, I find the bird is faithful to the real thing.

    So ... don't just take a "mere pilots" word!

    Experience for yourself the unique Airbus fly-by-wire concept and see whats in store later this year when we release AIRBUS X'TREME!

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