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    Fly To Rio De Janeiro

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    Bill Stack

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    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft

    Screen Shot by FlightSoft

    Fly to Rio de Janeiro by FlightSoft is a collection of 24 FSX flights in Brazil plus a McDonnell Douglas MD-10 jetliner in the livery of Brazil's Varig Airlines. FlightSoft says it "has prepared some of the most advanced approaches to make your flights to Rio memorable and an enjoyable excursion to one of the most popular and enduring destinations in travel history."

    Rio de Janeiro (often called "Rio") is the second largest city in Brazil and the third largest in South America. Known world-wide for its natural features such as Sugarloaf Mountain and Copacabana Beach, Rio is among the more visited areas in South America. It will host the Summer Olympics in 2016, making it the first South American city to do so. It was featured the 1984 movie "Blame it on Rio," staring Michael Caine and Demi Moore; in the 1979 James Bond movie, "Moonraker," starring Roger Moore; and in the 1946 Alfred Hitchcock movie, "Notorious," starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. The 1962 world-wide hit song, "Girl From Ipanema," is named after Rio's world-famous Ipanema Beach.

    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft
    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft
    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft
    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    The Flights

    The 24 flights are approaches to several airports in Brazil. Most are in and around Rio de Janeiro, as the title states, but some are in other cities far to the north and south of Rio. FlightSoft says "You'll also visit a number of other destinations in Brazil." Many of the flights pass splendid scenery around Rio de Janeiro such as Christ The Redeemer Statue, Copacabana Beach, and Sugarloaf Mountain. All flights are approaches that begin while the aircraft is airborne. They occur at different times of day and night. Some use the Varig Airlines MD-10, while others use various stock FSX aircraft. I saw the Boeing 737, the Learjet 45, the Cessna 172, and the Maule Orion. I selected two approaches in Rio and one outside Rio, and I used the weather and time of day that were saved with each flight.

    Approach to Galeao Runway 10

    Galeao International Airport (SBGL) is Rio's primary commercial airport. Its two runways are 10,433 feet (3,182 meters) and 13,123 feet (4,003 meters), and its elevation is 28 feet (9 meters). In 2012, it handled 17.5 million passengers and 119,000 metric tonnes of cargo with 154,000 aircraft operations. The Paris-bound Air France Airbus A330 that disappeared over the mid-Atlantic Ocean in June 2009 departed this airport. (The formal name of this airport is "Galeao-Antonio C Jobim International Airport," and it is listed as such in FSX. It is misspelled in FlightSoft's flights.)

    The flight description says: "VARIG AIRLINES DC10-30 on a straight in visual approach to GALEOS [sic] International Airport's runway 10 in Rio De Janeiro."

    This flight begins about 30 nautical miles west of the airport heading 131 degrees, 4,000 feet (1,220 meters) altitude, and 200 KTS airspeed. Weather is cloudy and rainy with low visibility. The autopilot and autothrottle are engaged, and the radios are tuned to the needed frequencies. Soon after the flight begins, the MD-10 turns left and heads toward the airport by autopilot following the ILS approach beacon. The simulation pilot simply reduces power, lowers the landing gear, deflects flaps, and watches the aircraft follow the localizer and glide slope toward the runway after clearing the mountains. Just before landing, the simulation pilot should deactivate the autopilot and autothrottle and land the aircraft manually.

    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft
    Beginning Position
    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft
    Low Visibility Approach
    Rio de Janerio by FlightSoft
    Final Approach
    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    1. Kihew's Avatar
      Kihew -
      In my own personal opinion this shouldn't cost a third of what they are asking, given the quality and complexity we have come to expect of any FS addon selling at this price range. This package includes a very basic FSX jetliner (not even virtual cockpit) - reminishing of old FS2002 models, with a collection of presaved flights, no manual, no aircraft checklists, all for 35 dollars! Change the location to anywhere in the world, wrap it in a different box and livery, and ask another 35 bucks, and so on and so on..
    1. slamsuger's Avatar
      slamsuger -
      Could be nice with some more critical reviews here - instead of just retelling facts.
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