• Toni Agramont Has Passed Away

    It is from the deepest sorrow that i inform you Mr. Toni Agramont has passed away, today at the age of 86 years old. Toni was not only one of the most prolific scenery developers for flight simulator but also an avid traveller, diver, glider pilot and motorcycle enthusiast ..., we will miss him a lot.

    Our condolences to his widow Fina, and the rest of his family and friends. Thanks for your friendship Toni!.

    Miguel Regalado
    Spantax Virtual Airlines


    Toni has been a fixture of the flightsim hobby for about as long as I can remember. He's contributed a great deal of very popular scenery over many years, bringing lots of enjoyment to many flightsimmers. He will certainly be missed.

    Over the years, we've featured Toni in several articles here which you might wish to read again:

    Freeware Focus On Toni Agramont

    Review: Toni Agramont's Balearics Scenery

    Review: Toni Agramont's Spain 2000

    Nels Anderson

    1. Thunderchicken's Avatar
      Thunderchicken -
      My sincere condolences to the family and friends. Let him rest in peace.

      Attachment 139168
    1. VERT002's Avatar
      VERT002 -
      I want to offer my condolences to Toni's family. He made wonderful scenery add-ons over many years for us and made FS a better place. Thanks, Toni! RIP
    1. suzydavies's Avatar
      suzydavies -
      Having downloaded some of Toni`s magnificent sceneries, I recall writing to thank him. Although Toni always managed to keep memory usage of sceneries to a minimum, he went a long way to making the virtual world of Microsoft Flight Simulator much more replete, and much more real. I understand that Toni had interests other than Flightsim too, which of course made him a more rounded and interesting person. Toni will be sorely missed. I would like to pass on my condolences to Fina and family on this solemn occasion. Goodbye Toni, Rest in Peace !
      Suzy Davies (UK)
    1. lvwty's Avatar
      lvwty -
      Bad new! R.I.P! He´s make a many great sceneries!
    1. cocal's Avatar
      cocal -
      I've had just now knowledge about Toni Agramont last departure. I knew him only by his fantastic works about Flight Simulator sceneries and I am very sorrow. I think that like me the whole flightsimmers that enjoyed with his sceneries will feel his loss. My condolences to the family. Ciao Toni, rest in peace. Cocal
    1. scottb613's Avatar
      scottb613 -
      Wow --- great guy - used his scenery for years - man - seems like this place just keeps getting smaller - RIP - Toni... Thanks for everything...

    1. repeater's Avatar
      repeater -
      My sincere condolences to his wife and family.He was a beacon in the scenery world.He always said he could not read english but he always had a go at writing it.Another sadly missed simmer.

      love to all at this time of year.
    1. garyghostrider's Avatar
      garyghostrider -
      My condolances to his wife and family...He will sincerely be missed by all who have enjoyed his many contributions to flight simulation. Godspeed and happy flying Toni!!
    1. tones777's Avatar
      tones777 -
      Sad news and I'd like to add my condolences. I remember first downloading his Balearics (with laser lights!) and mainland Spain sceneries way back in the FS95, FS98 and FS2000 days. A generous contributor to our hobby. RIP.

      Tony (UK)
    1. jpower5641's Avatar
      jpower5641 -
      Thank you so much for all of your contributions to make the fsim community a better place for all of us.
      May you rest in peace, and go with God. COndolences to those family and friends who are left behind.

      Jack W. Power III
      SGT, US Army (retired)
    1. jd4pm's Avatar
      jd4pm -
      He'll be missed by the Flightsim community and remember for his work and dedication condolences to his family and friends. R.I.P
    1. fva1457's Avatar
      fva1457 -
      Una sensible y muy triste perdida para el mundo y los millones de aficionados y seguidores de la aviacion virtual mundial. Yo tuve la oportunidad de hace apenas un par de años de intercambiar con el, unos correos, porque descargue varios de sus increibles y muy exactos escenarios que el puso a disposición de todos los que nos gusta la aviacion virtual, pero tenia algunos problemas al abrir el simulador o mas bien al usar sus escenarios, y cuando le explique lo que me sucedia, y le di dattos del sistema operativo de mi equipo y otros detalles tecnicos, el me contesto enseguida muy atento y muy amable y me comentó que lo que me pasaba era que sus escenarios el los habia diseñado para ser usado en XP y yo tenia el 7 y que por alguna razon no eran compatibles, en fin que le comemté que porque no "emigraba" sus diseños a sistemas operativos mas actuales y su respuesta fue que a sus años, el no ya no se iba a poner de nuevo a rediseñar todo, es una lastima que no lo hizo, porque desgraciadamente con el tiempo, sus grandes y muy realistas escenarios van a quedar obsoletos y no se van a poder usar a no ser que alguien que si tenga sus archivos originales pueda retomar esa enorme tarea, en fin, una decision que yo respeté y aun respeto pero que la verdad no estuve de acuerdo, pero era su decisión y punto. QUE DIOS LO TENGA EN SU REGAZO! ADIOS BUEN AMIGO AGRAMONTE Y MUCHAS GRACIAS POR HACERNOS MAS REALISTAS LOS LUGARES QUE NOS REGALASTES DURANTE TU VIDA DE PILOTO Y DISEÑAOOR DE ESCENARIOS VIRTUALES, ADIOS PARA SIEMPRE, PERO AQUI TE SEGUIREMOS RECORDANDO.
    1. vaikan's Avatar
      vaikan -
      Deepest condolence to his family and his friends. RIP Tony...
    1. tango07's Avatar
      tango07 -
      May Your Soul Rest in Peace!! Keep Flying in the Clouds!!
    1. inard2's Avatar
      inard2 -
      rest in peace and thanks for all yuo've done.
    1. giatime's Avatar
      giatime -
      now i'm bummed! Rip, Great Sir
    1. jtiberius's Avatar
      jtiberius -
      Very sad to hear. RIP Tony. Like your sceneries very much.
      Keep flying in heaven
    1. leejf36's Avatar
      leejf36 -
      Saddened, great sceneries, may he rest in peace.
    1. tca2050's Avatar
      tca2050 -
      Sincere condolences !
      Greatly appreciate the contribution to the Flightsim world.
      May you forever have clear skies and tailwinds!

      (Stefaan - EBOS)
    1. mercolin's Avatar
      mercolin -
      Ones thinks some people should never die: Tony Agramont IS one of this.
      I remember many flights over his scenery just to taste local colours and flavours through his bitmaps.
      And remember some of his e-mail about my afcads over his sceneries.

      All of us love you, Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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