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    Using the Scenery

    Three types of flights would be realistic to or from Nauru International Airport:

    • Commercial: Scheduled commercial transport is to Honiara, Soloman Islands, which is 673 nautical miles (744 kilometers) and to Tarawa, Kiribati, which is 391 NM (450 KM). Charter flights to other airports are possible, such as Majuro Atoll, which is 525 NM (604 KM) away in the Marshall Islands. Aircraft as large as Boeing 737-400s routinely use these airports. Nauru's runway is long enough for Boeing 757s under the right conditions, but no aircraft this size use it regularly. The airport has an NDB and a VOR for radio navigation. Although the runway is lighted at night, there are no instrument approach lights or radio beacons.
    • General Aviation: General aviation aircraft can be flown to or from Honiara, Majuro, Tarawa, all of which are within range of the Cessna 172 and the Mooney Bravo. These flights would take several hours, however.
    • Recreational: This island is perfect for sightseeing in ultra light aircraft.

    Of course, flight simmers can fly to or from any destination of their choice if they want to forego realism and enjoy flying around the Pacific islands. Navigating to or from this island using pre-GPS dead reckoning and radio navaids would be challenging and rewarding. Real-world weather would be ideal, as would fair skies with warm temperatures. Fall and winter weather are not appropriate here.



    Screen shots by Bill Stack

    Technical Features

    This scenery is for FSX only.

    Purchase and installation from the Pilot Shop are very easy. Downloading and installation are quick.

    The Nauru scenery is activated during the installation process. When the scenery library menu is opened, the Nauru scenery is already checked off.

    Island Sim recommends the following simulator settings:

    "Frame rates from scenery complexity and autogen settings were averaged at 40 fps and above. This includes moving sliders 100% to the right. Medium settings yielded much higher frames, but our recommendation is Dense to Extreme Dense for exceptional rates. Since the scenery is 15/30cm/pixel photoreal, it is highly recommended that Mesh Resolution be set at 1 meter within FSX Display Settings (slider 100% to the right) and mesh complexity set at 100%. Texture Resolution should also be set at 30 cm and above (or slider 100% to the right)."
    "There are AI boat traffic within vicinity of Nauru Islands. To maintain a formidable and exceptional level of FPS, it is recommended that leisure boats be set at 20% or less. AI Road traffic loops around the airport and we recommend settings at 20% or less."

    To make my comparative screen shots, I first made a series of shots with Island Sim's scenery activated, and I then went to precisely the same vantage points with their scenery deactivated (FSX default). But the respective scenery locations are different enough that I had to move my FSX view to get as close to the Island Sim view as possible. This is not unusual for FSX default scenery. Although the viewpoints are not exact, they are close enough to compare the two sceneries.

    Technical support is available through an email address in the manual.

    Readers with technical questions not answered in this review should ask the developer. Using the links below, go to the Pilot Shop page where the product is listed and described, then click on "Manufacturer Tech Support" in the right column.


    Instant download from the Pilot Shop


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    Operating System

    Windows XP, Vista, Win 7

    Special Settings

    See description above

    Frame Rates


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    $24.50 US

    More Information

    Information about the Republic of Nauru and Nauru International Airport can be found here:

    Island Simulations makes sceneries for remote and unusual parts of the world. Its motto is "Scenes for pilots who deviate from the norm." Other products include:


    Wherever I go in my simulator, I find interesting places with unique stories, and Nauru exemplifies such experiences. A small, remote island controlled by various foreign powers over the centuries, mined to death for its resources, bombed during global war, and fattened up by Western diet. The experience isn't like visiting a nature preserve or a popular tourist haven, but it's worthwhile in its own right. Island Sim's depiction of this unique South Pacific island is as realistic as anything I've seen of larger and busier airports, and I found it fascinating enough to have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


    Bill Stack
    [email protected]

    Purchase Here.

    Bill Stack is author of several books about flight simulation, a regular author in flight-sim magazines, and a contributor to Flight Sim Com. His website is www.topskills.com

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