• Review: F-86 Sabre From Milviz

    Review: F-86 Sabre From Milviz

    By Bill Stack

    F-86 by Milviz
    F-86 by Milviz F-86 by Milviz F-86 by Milviz

    Screen shots by Milviz

    North American Aviation's F-86 Sabre was a transonic jet fighter developed in the mid 1940s. As a worthy challenger for the Soviet Union's MiG-15 in aerial combat, it is considered the best aircraft of the Korean War. It was the first swept-wing fighter flown by the United States Air Force. Althouth it was obsolete by the end of the 1950s, it was flown by other air forces until the mid 1990s. Often called "Sabrejet," almost 10,000 were built in 21 models, and more than 25 nations have deployed it. More than 50 are privately owned and registered in the United States.

    An F-86A set a world speed record of 670.9 miles per hour in 1948. During the Korean War, F-86 pilots shot down 792 Soviet MiGs versus 76 Sabres for a success ratio of 10 to 1. (National Museum of the Air Force)

    Despite the USAF's best efforts to keep shot-down Sabres from the enemy, one F-86 that was downed in Korea was ferried to Moscow and studied intensively by the Soviet Union military. The optical gun sight and radar were copied and used against American fighters in the Vietnam War. (Wikipedia)

    Being a military combat aircraft, the F-86 Sabre does not compare with any stock FSX aircraft that you might be already familiar with, so I can give only a generalized comparison: It's shorter than a Learjet 45 (37 feet versus 58 feet), slightly lighter than the Learjet 45 (11,125 versus 12,850 pounds), and about 30 percent faster than the Learjet 45 (687 MPH versus 533 MPH).

    Aircraft Specifications
    Specification F-86
    Occupants 1
    Maximum Take-off Weight 20,650 LBS
    9,367 KG
    Empty Weight 10,500 LBS
    4,763 KG
    Useful Load 10,150 LBS
    4,604 KG
    Fuel Capacity 2 437 USG
    1,650 L
    Maximum Speed 680 MPH
    1,094 KPH
    Cruising Speed 525 MPH
    845 KPH
    Ceiling 45,000 FT
    13,725 M
    Range 3 1,200 NM
    2,222 KM
    Length 37.5 FT
    11 M
    Wing Span 39.5 FT
    12 M
    Power 3 5,200 LBS
    2,359 L
    Sources: Milviz unless otherwise noted, 2) Wikipedia, 3) USAF Museum
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    1. naruto kun's Avatar
      naruto kun -
      Tech support is actually supposed to be via Milviz forums...
    1. n4gix's Avatar
      n4gix -
      The knob on the lower left corner of the gyro compass will rotate the card to whatever magnetic heading you wish to place at the top of the instrument. It is not "fixed" to the N position.

      This comes in handy whenever wishing to set and follow a specific heading with an easier reference point.
    1. usb777's Avatar
      usb777 -
      Where do I get this guy?
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by usb777 View Post
      Where do I get this guy?
      If you read to the end of the article there is a link to where you can purchase it. All our articles are done this way.
    1. usb777's Avatar
      usb777 -
      Well I found it. Followed the installation to the letter. When I tied to switch to another aircraft this model or another in my library it locked up my program. What did I miss? Now I feel like I wasted my money. I have hundreds of other aircraft that have functioned perfect dating back to 2004 FS9 and recently FSX. I know FSX is tricky in windows 7 but I have everything else working the only thing I did not get was the EZCA. Anything about that? I would just as soon play with the aircraft since now I own it.
    1. naruto kun's Avatar
      naruto kun -
      Read my first reply....I made some fixes which i posted in the support forums after i was done with the Service Pack.
    1. usb777's Avatar
      usb777 -
      Quote Originally Posted by naruto kun View Post
      Tech support is actually supposed to be via Milviz forums...
      At $35.00 a shot Why would I have to recofg. anything anyway? Can I get my mony back? Ya, good luck.
    1. bdliddicoa's Avatar
      bdliddicoa -
      Thanks, Bill. I really appreciate your "test pilot reports" on how to fly the planes. Very helpful to me.
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