• Flight Simulation System For Personal Use From Redbird

    New all-in-one home simulator from Redbird Flight Simulations.

    The Jay targets home users looking for a bulletproof desktop trainer.

    Austin, TX (October 23, 2012) - Redbird Flight Simulations announced a new desktop flight simulation system specifically for the home market. The Jay inherits many design details developed for Redbird's popular line of flight-school simulators, but has been simplified for ease of use without sacrificing durability.

    "We were surprised how many people were interested in our certified desktop ATDs for their own personal use. The Jay fills that need for much less money, complexity and even weight, but it's not a cheap plastic box. We slimmed down our heavy-duty parts while still keeping metal construction, so these units should last nearly forever."

    Unlike the rest of the Redbird products, which are all certified by the FAA for flight training, the Jay is strictly for proficiency and enjoyment. The complete system includes the computer, wide-screen monitor, yoke with trim, power quadrant, rudder pedals and flap controls. It runs a licensed version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X with eight aircraft configurations available: a Cessna 172SP with traditional instruments or a G1000, a Mooney Bravo with traditional and glass panels, a Piper Cub, an Extra 300, a Cessna Grand Caravan and a Maule M-7 260C. Because the system runs Flight Simulator X, functions such as multiplayer and add-on software could be configured by the expert user.

    The Jay's strength is in the simplicity for those who don't want to configure their own system. Simply put the device on a table, turn it on and select the aircraft, location and weather from one-button options. Jays can be ordered now for $1995 from King Schools. Shipments start November 15, 2012.

    Click images below to download hi-res versions.


    About Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc.

    Redbird Flight Simulations, Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based company dedicated to revolutionizing aviation by designing, manufacturing and delivering affordable and innovative flight training technologies. Each of the Redbird devices is designed to enhance the training experience for pilots of all levels, from student to ATP.

    For more information visit, www.redbirdflightsimulations.com. To email or schedule a test flight contact Redbird at [email protected].

    About Redbird Skyport, Inc.

    Redbird Skyport is a multi-purpose general aviation services center at San Marcos Municipal Airport (KHYI) that functions as a research and development laboratory. Conveniently located between Austin and San Antonio, Redbird Skyport has a flight school nationally recognized for its innovative training techniques as well as a full-service FBO known for world-class service and support. Conference and special events facilities are also available.

    For more information about Redbird Skyport please see www.redbirdskyport.com or contact [email protected].

    All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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    1. peter58's Avatar
      peter58 -
      It would be good to know the computer specs. I spent $2,000.00 just on my computer alone because we all know how heavy FSX is on processors. Then start adding scenery and other more complex aircraft. Also, it would be nice if there was a bit more flexibility, a single throttle control could get boring pretty fast. It's fun to fly twins and adjusting the props and mixture as you climb. Plus, I don't see a hat switch...how do you change views?
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