• Project Fokker 100/70

    Project Fokker 100/70

    By Guillermo C. de Miranda (14 January 2003)


    Imagine yourself: sitting in your chair, behind your trusty workhorse (your PC). For years you've tried to find a good model of the Fokker 70, but all you got was FS98 quality models. You've tried a wide variety of keywords at tons of web sites. Even Google and Altavista could not escape your 'hunt'. After many failed attempts you are about to give up until... Until you landed on a place called Fokker 100/70 Project. You clicked on the MS Flight Simulation link and you saw what you al those years could only have dreamed of: a Gmax Fokker 100 in the works! And then something unexpected happened: Project Fokker 100/70 decided to make a high detailed Fokker 70 for FS2002. A dream come true! And now, the F70 is released and it finally had its respected place in flight simulation.

    A Little Bit Of History

    After years of fiddling, puzzling, twitching and modifying the Fokker 100 model, in 1993 the geniuses at Fokker Industries managed to create their smallest, sweetest and final product: the Fokker 70. The Fokker 70 is nothing more than a Fokker 100 with a shortened fuselage, bigger wings and more powerful engines (or a modern version of the F28). These new Rolls Royce Tay 620-15 engines are capable of bringing the little Dutch monster 2600 km (1405 nm) far with a top speed of 780 km/h (420 kts), capable of bringing the plane from Amsterdam to Madrid with ease. Carrying about 80 people, the Fokker 70 was very popular with many carriers. Even now, 50% of the aircraft you see landing/departing at Schiphol Airport are Fokker 70s or 50s.

    That was all until 1997, when Fokker Industries went bankrupt. Fokker Industries became legend, and while the Fokker models flying today are slowly meeting their day of retirement, it was time that others had the chance to fly them too. The era of sophisticated flightsims was born (1998). It all begun with FS98, but soon grew to the most realistic flightsim of its time: FS2002. And, of course, with realistic flightsims come realistic flight models. Long were quality freeware models unavailable, until Project Open Sky came with Gmax 767's and A330's, SimuBuild came with their A340's, Project Airbus had its own Gmax A320's and of course MelJet with their Gmax 747-400's. And now Project Fokker 100/70 finally completed their highly detailed models of the F100 and 70!


    At first I wanted to review a test flight, but when I saw that almost every review had a test flight in it I decided just to review the model just like my first review of the Airbus A320.


    The Fokker 70 truly has the best model in FS2002 history! It has every moving part you can possibly imagine including, of course, the flaps, rolling wheels, superb gear with up and gear down animation, moving rudder, tail speed brakes, etc. And the front wheel won't turn unless the plane is in motion. This aircraft has got everything! But unfortunately that is also a problem. If you have a computer below 1.5 GHz I suggest you change your display settings because the plane really sucks up precious frame rates. But other then that there are no complains about the superb model!

    FDE/Flight Realism

    Well I'm only 15 years old so I've never flown a real Fokker 70 before, but I never flew an aircraft with FS2002, except for the Project Airbus A320, that felt so good! It doesn't react too quickly and it doesn't react too slowly on steering. The aircraft doesn't blast off like a spaceship when the throttle is pushed forward like many third party aircraft, but gently builds up speed, and the aircraft is very stable while taxiing. You don't have to adjust the throttle a lot to maintain the 15 knots limit. It has the best flight dynamics I've seen so far.


    Project Fokker 100/70 promised a new panel will be ready Spring 2003, but this panel is already very good. I can't see how this can be improved on anyway. But then again, nobody thought the game play of the N64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time could be improved as well, until the GameCube game Starfox came out which outclassed OoT's gameplay by far. Anyway, the panel has everything you'd expect from a panel. Light switches, radios, etc. Nice bonuses are the "No Smoking" and "Fasten Seatbelt" switches, and me being an anti-smoker the No Smoking switch is always turned on. When FS2002 is done loading and you're in the cockpit (the panel) you'll notice every display is off. When I first saw this I panicked but you simply press the 'panel' and all the screens turn on! A very handy battery switch that is. Anyway, again, this is one of the best panels. It even has a built in clock! Not every panel has one these days. Very handy for PIREPS in virtual airlines.


    I've seen Fokkers take off many, many times at Schiphol so I absolutely know what a Fokker 70 sounds like. The sounds in FS2002 are almost the same as in real life. Of course you cannot reproduce the exact sound from real life, but it is still a good sound package. Not as good as the Project Airbus sound package, which is still the best one I think. Definately worth a download, these sounds!

    The Checklist

    The checklist comes in a nice .pdf file which makes it easy to read and print. There is a nice introduction and after that of course begins the aircraft inspection, followed by the before engine start checklist. This is the checklist of a real Fokker 100, which make the Fokker 70 and 100 even more realistic then they already are (yes, it is possible). It's not necessary, but worth a download.

    Performance And Fuel

    These are the two technical .pdf's of the Fokker 70. If you really want to get confused you should download these. The performance .pdf and fuel consumption .pdf are only for the experts. Not necessary for the flight.


    Now this is a nice extra. Good to see a real Fokker from the inside in a 360 degree panorama .exe file. Just click on the image you get and move the mouse around to get a nice view of the cockpit. It's fun, but you'll soon forget about it because it gets boring after a few minutes.


    I was hoping for a Gmax Fokker 70 for a long time, but this is truly beyond my wildest dreams! This aircraft really pushes FS2002 to the limits. If you haven't downloaded it yet I strongly recommend you do it now.

    FOKKER 70 SPECS (from KLM.com)

       Max. Passengers         :     80
       Max. Capacity           :     8.300 kg
       Max. Takeoff Weight     :     38.100 kg
       Cruise Speed            :     780 km/u
       Max. Range              :     2.600 km 
       Max. Engine Thrust      :     2 x 6.300 kg
       Wingspan                :     28.08 m
       Length                  :     30.91 m
       Height                  :     8.51 m
       Number of Aircraft      :     14

    • Superb model
    • Pushes FS2002 to the limits
    • Nice panel and sounds
    • Easy to operate


    • It 'eats' your frame rates
    • The spoilers open a bit to slow

    Test System
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • AMD Athlon XP 1600+ (1.6 GHz)
    • 265 RAM Memory
    • nVidia GeForce 2 MX 400
    • CH Flight Sim Yoke/Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro

    The Fokker 70 was tested with my trusty computer, which worked hard to run FS2002 and to show the beautiful model on my PC screen.

    Guillermo C. de Miranda
    Fleet Manager EuroHarmony
    [email protected]

    Visit Project Fokker.

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