• Review: Cessna 195 for FSX by Flysimware

    Technical Features

    Flysimware's Cessna 195 is for FSX only. System requirements are typical. Required disk space is 434 megabytes. Any computer that runs FSX properly can handle this add-on. Additionally, FSX SP2 and Acceleration are necessary.

    The installation program places all necessary files into the correct folders. All aircraft versions appear in the Aircraft Selection menu under "Cessna" for manufacturer, "Flysimware" for publisher, and "Single Engine Prop" for aircraft type. The C-195 can be found by selecting any of these options.

    Whenever the C-195 is loaded for the first time, FSX asks users if they want to run a program called "MT_XMLSound.gau." This program operates the unique sounds for this aircraft. Users should run this file, or they will not hear those unique sounds. Not running it will not affect the aircraft performance otherwise. Sounds seem realistic for this aircraft type. The product description says default DeHavilland Beaver DHC2 sounds were used. It also says a bonus custom sound module includes "over 44 bonus sounds," plus "speed controlled sounds for windows, doors and heater vents," and "over stress sounds." I noticed those sounds during flight.

    Technical support is available through an email form on Flysimware's website.

    Readers with technical questions not answered in this review should ask Flysimware because they are best able to answer such questions.


    Delivery Method

    Instant Download

    Installation program


    License key


    Copyright acknowledgment


    Documents included


    Uninstall program included



    MSFS Version


    Operating System

    Windows XP,
    Vista, Win 7

    Special Settings


    Frame Rates


    Tech Support



    $22.99 US

    More Information

    Information about the Cessna 195 Businessliner can be found here:

    Cessna 195
    Source: Airliners.Net
    Real Cessna 195
    Source: Airport Data

    The Developer

    Flysimware makes aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator® and Prepare3D®. Its other products include the 1947 Cessna 120 3D and the 1966 Old School Skylane Cessna 182K X.


    Flysimware's Cessna 195 Businessliner is a charming old aircraft that's visually realistic inside and out and easy to fly. Animations are interesting. Special features such as the Control Panel and the Weight Manager are functional and easy to use.

    Bill Stack
    [email protected]

    Learn more about the Cessna 195 Businessliner for FSX by Flysimware.

    Bill Stack is author of several books about flight simulation, a regular author in flight-sim magazines, and a contributor to Flight Sim Com. His website is www.topskills.com

    1. Foxtrot789's Avatar
      Foxtrot789 -
      Why is there a picture of a (seemingly) naked girl straddling a Dalmatian on the panel, next to the circuit breakers?
    1. vdmeer2's Avatar
      vdmeer2 -
      Pah! Not naked at all! ;-) Nice touch though, probably quite realistic for those hedonistic times! ;-)
    1. spencerlever1's Avatar
      spencerlever1 -
      Nice work there mark!
    1. msteff's Avatar
      msteff -
      not realistic
    1. deliveryguy's Avatar
      deliveryguy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Foxtrot789 View Post
      Why is there a picture of a (seemingly) naked girl straddling a Dalmatian on the panel, next to the circuit breakers?
      Sorry man, your seeing things.....There is a girl on the beach with her dog!
    1. deliveryguy's Avatar
      deliveryguy -
      Quote Originally Posted by msteff View Post
      not realistic
      I have to agree with you, those pictures have the textures mixed up. i suggest never doing a review on a plane that just released rev 1.0 We usually update our models in the same month it was released. We are on rev 1.2 now and i think you should update your model before speaking publicly. This aircraft was tested by an owner of 25 years and a captain of a 727.
      To get good drawings and pics of this aircraft is very tough. So we did the best with what we had.

      Realistic to us means good flight dynamics. Real world gauges and functions. For realistic paint themes, we only have me. So be patient as i am getting better at painting! All 50 of our products were made by 1 person, so these are actually amazing products for such a tiny company!

      Sincerely Mark,
    1. deliveryguy's Avatar
      deliveryguy -
      Quote Originally Posted by spencerlever1 View Post
      Nice work there mark!
    1. wobi's Avatar
      wobi -
      I like the plane, but HATE the radio stack. I tried to play around with the panel.cfg file and place more preiod-appropriate radios in there, but was unable to do so. Is ther a way to get a 50's or 60's panel?
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