• Review: Wilco - Aviation & Missions for 737 PIC

    Sim-pilots have several reasons to be a sim-pilot. Some love to fly small props and enjoy the VFR scenery on a clear day, some like the challenge of bush flying and others again like to do the long haul in a big jet.

    But whatever reason you might have, I'm sure you occasionally ask yourselves: How would a real world pilot do prepare this flight? Or how would a real pilot handle this situation.


    It's a really fair question, since most sim-pilots have another occupation, and never actually tried to yank the throttle in a big airliner.

    Combat Planes has made this add-on for Wilco's 737PIC and promise to guide you through some of the basic skills and procedures and handling this popular aircraft.

    The Boeing 737 Classic

    The Boeing 737 is, including all its versions, the best-selling commercial jet in history. Early 2008 a total of more than 7.500 aircraft had been sold of the 'Boeing Baby'. The 737-300, the 737-400 and the 737-500 are the so-called 'Classic' versions of the 737. They are the much improved successors of the earlier 737-200. The three Classic versions seat 100 up to 171 passengers and although they are out of production since the year 2000, they still form the backbone of the short- and medium-range fleets of many airlines.

    In the early 1980s Boeing started the development of a stretched version, the 737-300. It soon appeared necessary that the new aircraft became fitted with modern high-bypass turbofans rather than the 737-200's Pratt & Whitney JT8Ds. Boeing chose the CFM56, produced by CFM International, a cooperation of General Electric and SNECMA. A problem with this engine was that it didn't fit under the wing because of its larger fan diameter. Boeing's solution was to put the engine ahead of the wing in a higher position. To keep enough clearance between engine and ground, Boeing flattened the underside of the inlet and extended the nosewheel leg. The 737-300 seats 126 to 149 passengers.

    The Boeing 737-300 made its maiden flight on February 24 1984 and Boeing delivered the first 737-300s to US Air and Southwest Airlines in December 1984.


    What Do You Get?

    Some of the features are:

    • Something for every pilot, no matter skill level.
    • Experienced Flight Simulator users will be challenged by exciting flights, undertaken in unusual circumstances or with sudden emergencies thrown at them.
    • Through all aspects of general aircraft handling, from a 'cold and dark' cockpit through to the landing and engine shut down procedures.
    • Highly detailed and accurate FSX missions
    • Stunning set-pieces and in-sim videos showing off the fantastic scenery around the popular holiday destination of St. Marteen
    • Pilot instruction on the correct 737 start up procedures and on a variety of emergency situations
    • Mission voice-over in English... with captions and Mission Briefings in either English or French
    • Mission lengths varying from 30-45 minutes or over depending on the situation and how you deal with the challenges thrown at you!



    The installation gave me some trouble, because the installer could not find the 737PIC installation on my computer. I use Windows 7 64 bit version, so I needed to redirect the installer program to the right folder. After this the installation was smooth.

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