• Flight Planner 4.0

    Flight Planner 4.0

    by Adam Lutz

    If you took all of the freeware and shareware flight planners available to download from any Web site, not one would compare to Flight Planner 4.0 created by Math Maessen. I'd call it the "Rolls Royce" of Flight Planners.
    This is a picture of a flight map from Logan, to JFK.

    During the download, I figured it was another one of those "so called" freeware flight planners with only some of the features capable of being used. I was terribly wrong. While completely free it's full of options and features, and with the program in the Windows environment, it makes it so easy to create a flight! Just point and click! With the print option, you can print the whole flight that you have created, with absolutely fabulous accuracy of headings, radio frequencies, and airports.

    Setup is a breeze. Just create a database (It is a lot easier than it sounds--just three mouse clicks!), then point and click on the VOR's, NDB's and airports that you would like included, and Flight Planner will do everything else! This program was written in C++ and it is definitely professional. Only three megabytes of space separates you from the best flight planner available!

    Adam Lutz