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  1. Hopping

    I guess most operators of flightsim servers put a hop list for pilots to Here on there is a list of hops designed for small aircraft. I use the default 172 and 182. Hopping involves flying online from one apt to another. There is no ATC. It is up to the pilot to decide how to get to the next destination. The most basic way to fly this set of hops is to jump up and fly the heading it says to fly. Some airports have ILS runways but most have nothing at all. For an ...

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  2. A Flight to Haiti

    The recent earthquake in Haiti certainly has the news people hopping lately. While itís true that I feel bad for these people it also seemed like a good opportunity to setup a situation in flight simulator and spend the day flying. Besides, I can't be there in real life and Flight Simulator IS the next best thing to being there. While Iím simulating a Learjet flight I might as well simulate the assistance I might be giving to the Haitians. Letí see, in real life I work in a hospital. Perhaps I ...

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  3. Welcome to my Aviation World

    After all these years and I realize that I have a blog right here on Fllghtsim.Com. I've been a member here at FlightSim.Com for many years and, truthfully, I never knew this feature was here. What perfect timing too because I was actually trying to come up with subject matter for another blog site. (I have several personal blog sites now). What a treat this is...

    My name is J.D. and I've been a member here at FlightSim.Com since March of 2005. I've also been faithful to Flight Simulator ...
  4. HELP ME WITH.... problem with ATI SAFFIRE 5870 CARD

    i am now running windows 7,64bit with the new ati saffire 5879 video card. my goal was to operate FSX with 3 MONITORS in a panaramic view setting. (this i achieved) HOWEVER. with fsx booted up and the aircraft TOGGLED WITH "W" KEY TO THE PANEL position, the scenery is great BUT, i cannot see any writing on the panel...its all black!!! hence, the game is uncontrollabble. it fine in all other positions including virtual. but i cannot see for example, how ...
  5. error probs heat

    [QUOTE = captainakba;1357863] hello,well in my case yes yes yes. most games usually run ok with mb and cpu temp running a little hot, its just that fsx generaly is a big game for pc to handle, spiecialy if you are using two monitors for fsx. and things start to heat up more so then other games. symtoms are 90% the problems i have had on my pc, and other peoples writing in with same issues. SAME dll quotes etc etc. ONLY if your fsx worked fine before on your pc,and you think you have check and double ...
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