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  1. A Three Island Tour

    I spend seven days a week doing something relating to flightsimming...that is what it takes to keep this web site going. But I also have many other interests, the problem being finding time to devote to them. One partial solution is to try and combine activities and thus the "Three Island Tour" came about.

    No surprise, I like to fly real planes and do it when I can. With limited time finding interesting destinations not too far away is something I'm always looking for. Another ...

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  2. Fsx ctashes when flitht enters new add on scsenery

  3. Diversion to Fiji...

    February 15, 2011.
    Good bye, Pago Pago. The weather in the Southern Pacific hasn't been good for a few days, storms, low clouds, I chose not to fly. But today was different, Clouds were scattered around 2500 feet. The winds were calm and it was mostly sunny. So off I am to the Southwest to Fiji.

    I'm having a little trouble with the blogging software here on flight My pictures are dropping off.
    The software for this for is powered by V bulletin and it says ...
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  4. Soup in Pago Pago

    February 10, 2011.

    Another beautiful flying day, The bonanza is all gassed up. I'm ready to go. This time the plan will take me to Pago Pago international, NSTU.

    Climbing to 6000 feet and heading almost due south with a course of 210, so I downloaded a flight planner that is called Plan G. I think this will fulfill all my needs for flight planner around the world. It connects and flight Sim and downloads all of the airports and navigation aids right into the planner. ...

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  5. Out into the Blue Pacific

    February 8, 2011.

    Flew out of Hawaii over the volcano heading South, PLCH, Christmas Island. There sure is a lot of empty ocean out here. I cranked up my Marine traffic as high as it will go to see if I could see anything, but still nothing seen. I am flying real weather and so far so good. Just lots of really blue ocean. I set my NDB for 333 and kept a course of about 180-177. Sure enough, there's Christmas Island ahead. I will land on runway 26. I'll send pictures now. ...

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