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  1. How to Install the TDS 737 MAX 8 in FSX - Part 1

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    The filename you'll be working with is which can be downloaded here:

    When I refer to "the download" I'm talking about and I'm talking about accessing it in it's extracted state so extract the download to a temporary folder now keeping the folder structure ...
  2. How to Install the TDS 737 MAX 8 in FSX - Part 2

    (continued from part 1)

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    <-- Effects -->

    Copy TDSB3_wing_light.fx and tdsnose_gearwell.fx from the effects folder in the download to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects folder (and/or your Prepar3D v2\effects folder if you're using this in P3D)


    Updated 12-17-2015 at 04:35 AM by Jim Robinson

  3. Win10, the good, the bad, the perceptions.

    There has been a lot said around win10, much of it reconstituted from others experience or from other views and not a lot from first hand experience. A lot has been said around privacy and the fact that win10 collects data and meta data about users habits and who has possible access to the data collected.
    There has been some spirited and slightly heated discussions on the message boards around many subjects related to win10 some of which I have been party to and some that I have thought ...
    Tags: fsx, win10, windows 10
  4. Today I Flew A Drone

    I think most of us here enjoy aviation in all its aspects, not just limited to simulated flight on a computer. I have a friend who has developed an interest in hobby drones and he found a friend who already owned one, so he invited me along to get a demonstration.

    This appears to be one of the most popular models available, the DJI Phantom III

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is not a toy and it's not cheap, at over $1000 for the model we saw.
  5. Final Flights

    Well, I think I have almost exhausted the recreation of my flying days. There are still a few flights I did not re-fly, and there are a few planes I did not revisit (including retractable versions of the Saratoga and Cherokee 180.) I may still fly those flights on the computer, but I will not blog them. I have decided to wrap this up by recreating my final flights in the planes I flew the most.

    Cessna 150/152: This was the first plane I flew, but I realize I do not have one for FS2004. ...
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