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Jim Robinson

  1. How to Install the TDS 737 MAX 8 in FSX - Part 1

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    The filename you'll be working with is which can be downloaded here:

    When I refer to "the download" I'm talking about and I'm talking about accessing it in it's extracted state so extract the download to a temporary folder now keeping the folder structure ...
  2. How to Install the TDS 737 MAX 8 in FSX - Part 2

    (continued from part 1)

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    <-- Effects -->

    Copy TDSB3_wing_light.fx and tdsnose_gearwell.fx from the effects folder in the download to your Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Effects folder (and/or your Prepar3D v2\effects folder if you're using this in P3D)


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  3. Check out my searchid!

    This must have some value! The odds have got to be astronomical! When I checked "New posts" this morning I was awarded this amazing searchid! (and then I was kindly allowed to read the new posts)

    Shouldn't I win a prize or something?
  4. Installing The SDKs From The FSX Gold Disks

    I recently had the pleasure of reinstalling the FSX SDKs from my FSX Gold disks on Windows 7, and unfortunately ran into some problems while doing so. I found a workaround and eventually got the job done, so I thought I'd post my solution here in the event that others may be encountering the same problems I did.

    For whatever reason, I am unable to browse the FSX install disks in Windows Explorer, I think this probably has something to do with the copy protection on the disks and possibly ...
  5. Thirty Two Years Ago Today...

    Today is the completely insignificant 32nd anniversary of the great Mt. St. Helens eruption. I'd hold off on posting this for another eight years to make it an even 40, and therefore possibly significant, but I'm afraid I won't live that long, and If I do, I'm sure I won't remember it anyway, so here goes:

    I was 17 yrs old and getting my first look at a real live P-51D at an airshow in Sandpoint, ID (KSZT) that day, "Cottonmouth" to be exact. (there were some other airplanes ...

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