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10-05-2007, 08:13 PM
I have three aircraft in FS9 that are currently not working properly. All three of the aircraft have not been used on a regular basis, but I decided to do a flight using these aircraft just to use them. Here is the situation that I have.
One aircraft immediately starts moving forward with no throttle the moment the parking brake is released.
Just yesterday, I discovered that I had an aircraft that would not stop while on the taxiway. It would stop if I used the parking brake on the groundhandling panel that came with the aircraft. Figuring that it was just a temporary problem, I continued using the aircraft. Upon touching down at the arrival airport, the flaps were fully extended, revers thrust was applied, and spoilers were armed --however the aircraft would not stop even with having the auto taxi after land feature turned on for the groundhandling and holding down the key for the brake.
An ATR-72 aircraft that I used just before writing this post operates fine, but the aircraft will not take off despite full speed being applied and pulling back on the joystick.

In all of these instances, the aircraft have been working just fine in the past and nothing has changed OS wise (except for an upgrade to SP2). I haven't changed any of the FS files around. Since I'm having these unexpected problems with the aircraft that were previously working without any problems, is this a sign that I am going to have to completely uninstall FS9 and reinstall it to get things working properly?

Jim Robinson
10-05-2007, 09:04 PM
Sounds like you need to recalibrate your joystick? On the ATR failing to takeoff is there a chance that you used the wingfold function to open a door or something and forgot to unfold the wings prior to takeoff? I've had this happen myself (the Posky 767 v4 simply won't fly with the tug still attached to the nosegear :) ).