View Full Version : CVN-68 package problem-HELP NEEDED!

08-31-2006, 08:49 AM
I have downloaded Paul Strogen's ( Gypsy Baron's ) CVN-68 package.zip
--which is "CVN-68 with Escorts (STATIC) (FS2004) USA, San Fransisco, for AI aircraft A base package to be used to create a static Aircraft Carrier off the Golden Gate with AI aircraft and escort ships."
It looks very nice, but I cannot finish the installation as he states one needs to download:

"Super Spoiler" .air files needed from this Alphasim package:

I cannot find that anywhere, and I have tried for two days now without success. Apparrently, it contains the air files for the 3 AI planes of the addon.

I have pm-ed Paul but so far no reply.

Can anyone help?