View Full Version : CH Products Pro Pedals USB/ Saitek 36 conflict

01-01-2004, 09:20 PM
Hopefully, someone in this forum, may have had the same problem as described below, and will share the info on how the problem was resolved.

I am using the CH Products Pro Pedals USB with the Saitek X35T throttle and X36F flight stick. The problem is that the rudder of ANY aircraft that I try to fly is always deflecting to the right, on its own.

I can center the rudder with the pedals, but within a few seconds, the rudder is deflected again.

I have tried adjusting with the CH Control Manager, FSUIPC, removing the Saitek rudder command from the joystick assignments menu, all without solving the problem.

Does anybody have the solution to this problem? Any and all help solving this quirkiness will be greatly appreciated.

In advance, thanks for any and all help.