View Full Version : 738NG PANEL

10-03-2003, 09:18 PM
Anyone using Capt Rad's 737 panel? Lools like a nice panel but I am having some problems and the Captain left very little info or a way to contact him on his read me notes.
I loaded the orginal file, and the main gauges are not there. I noticed that in the gauges folder there are several other folders with bitmaps and xml's what do with them?
I then downloaded his up date, and I can't unzip the gauge file, I have tried to download it again but same thing.
Also, he has a word doc that he instructs to paste in his panel cfg file sounds strange to me, why not include that in the cfg file?
Makes no difference though cause I can't unzip it.
Is it just me or is anyone else expierencing this.
I am not a devoloper or a programmer so I do appreciate the time that one has to put in these projects. It is just frustrating when you load up a panel that really appeals to you and it doesn't go.

Thanks in advance for any input.