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09-11-2003, 10:14 PM
Hi all on this two year anniversary of 9-11.

As one who bought FS2004 as soon as it hit the stores (though I seem to do more tweaking than flying these days, mainly because my graphics card needs an upgrade) it seems like only yesterday I was
in NYC, Xmas of 2001, trying to purchase FS2002. One well-known
media store told me they would not be selling any flight sims for a
while (because of the obvious reasons). Finally found another well-known electronics store that had it but kept it hidden behind the counter! Well, I got it there and then. Since I skipped FS2000, and was still using FS98, I was thrilled. FDS2002 certanly lived up to my every expectation. (Can't say the same for ACOF - heh.

Anyway, I did'nt even tell my wife or friends about buying FS2002: flight simming was pretty much a touchy subject back then... So I
simmed in secret at night for a while, till things cooled down.

So today's anniversary brings back that strange December day for me..

R.I.P. 2,892 souls of the WTC

09-11-2003, 10:21 PM
I had it the day it came out, 1st of 50 people in my surrounding 10 miles to get FS2004.