View Full Version : Problems landing 747

08-24-2003, 05:25 AM
Iv been using flightsim now since fs2000 but iv only recently been flying the 747for long haul flights.Im doing fine untill it comes to landing,This is what im doing:select APP when intercept the ILS about 10 miles out so im lined up with the runway ok,Use ALT hold To dessend and stay with the localizer Usualy desend at about 700fpm.But i think my speed and flap configuration maybe the problem,im going at 180 about 10 miles with flaps at 10,but when i get closer and slow down to about 150(say 2miles out) with flaps at 20 it stalls and slams to the ground.I feel the more flaps i use the worse the problem gets.Can somebody please tell me where im going wrong?My fuel loads are all about %20 so its not that.Id like to see how other people land 747s,Thanks.Paul.