View Full Version : Sound degrades with second monitor in FS mode

08-13-2003, 12:50 PM
Has anyone else encountered this? If I carefully set up radio stacks or the GPS on a second monitor in windowed mode, then switch to fs, I get a huge degradation of sound quality. I don't have this degradation in windowed mode?

My current set up is running my main monitor off a Radeon 9700 Pro in the AGP slot, and the second monitor off an old Maxtor PCI card. Would I be better off using the dual monitor capabilty out of the Radeon? That seems counter intuitive to me, however as you will then have more processes going through the card.

Thoughts or fixes?



08-13-2003, 02:51 PM
After reading your post, I just HAD to find out for myself. I used an ancient old Matrox w/ just 64 memory as an adjunct to my FX5200 w/ 256 mem. I wanted to use the secondary monitor (a 24" CRT on the Matrox) and used my 23" LCD as the primary. I had pretty much the same idea as yours and used the CRT for both the GPS and radios.

I think that it has more to do with wait-states than anything else, but the twin video card is horribly slow. When I ran both monitors off of the FX5200, things sped up hugely. The only "problem" was the machine (pretty pissy for 3 gig P4 w/ 1 meg of DRAM) switching between monitors. Frankly, that may be attributable to the Logitech RF mouse software. Otherwise, it's the cats' #####. I'm not sure if I've ever filled the screen with just the GPS before now, but it is really amazing.

One proviso though: I was backed way down to 1024x768x16 bit video mode for both monitors. In actuality, the CRT looked sooooooo bad compared to LCD, that I simply gave up dual screening -- mostly because I frequently use different modes and grew tired of WinXP Pro constantly asking to which monitor I wished to default. Checkboxes in the display setting seem to mean nothing to Win e(XP)eriemntal.