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08-09-2003, 05:22 PM
As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was thinking about upgrading my computer. I had the following:

AMD Athlon 1.2mhz
384 RAM (PC133)
NVIDIA TNT2 M64 AGP running the 44.03 drivers

I did a little flying, recorded the frame rates, and then repeated the flights after each change. The flights I took were:

1) Takeoff from runway 36L at Memphis Intl Airport. Once I took off, I banked left and lined up with the grouping of downtown building, and then flew right at the Pyramid.
2) Takeoff from runway 1L at McCarren Intl Airport (Las Vegas). Once I took off, I banked left and aimed for the Statue of Liberty on the strip.
3) Takeoff from runway 3 at Grand Canyon Airport. Flew straight until I was over the canyon itself, and then pointed the nose into the canyon.

Everytime I flew, I was in the Cessna C172SP Skyhawk. Before I took off each time, I reset the weather to "Fair skys". When I took a FPS of the sky, I lifted the nose until there was only sky on my screen. When I looked at the ground, I pointed the nose until only the ground was on the screen. I locked the FPS at 38.

The results were as follows:

Using the above configuration:
Flight 1 Runway 6-7 fps Sky 15-20 Ground 8-10 Downtown 11-13
Flight 2 Runway 7-8 fps Sky 20-22 The Strip 8-10
Flight 3 Runway 11-13 Sky 15-20 Canyon 16-20

Next, I installed the Omega drivers. The results:
Flight 1 Runway 8-9 fps Sky 21-22 Ground 9-11 Downtown 12-15
Flight 2 Runway 8-9 fps Sky 22-23 The Strip 9-11
Flight 3 Runway 21-22 fps Sky 20-22 Canyon 25-26

The next thing I did was remove the 384ram of PC 133 memory and installed a PC 2700 512ram DDR chip. Results:
Flight 1 Runway 9-10fps Sky 24-28 Ground 10 Downtown 16-20
Flight 2 Runway 9-10 fps Sky 24-31 The Strip 10-12
Flight 3 Runway 22-34 Sky 35-38 Canyon 29-35

Finally, I replaced my CPU with an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2.01 mhz). Results:
Flight 1 Runway 12-13 fps Sky 36-38 Ground 12-15 Downtown 19-25
Flight 2 Runway 13-14 fps Sky 33-36 The Strip 12-16
Flight 3 Runway 30-33 fps Sky 37-38 Canyon 37-38

I will post screen shots of my display settings once I figure out how to do that. Also, any 38fps may have been higher, but as I said, I had my fps locked at 38. I'll post my opinion of these results next.


08-09-2003, 05:30 PM
It looks like, for the most part, that adding the Omega drivers increased FPS by 1-2 except for the Grand Canyon runway, which increased by 8. This may have been a bad reading by me.

Changing the memory from 384 megs of PC133 to 512 megs of PC2700 caused FPS to increase by anywhere from 13 to 25 %.

Changing the processor caused an increase of 20 to 35% depending on the scenery.

The cost of this upgrade was about $160 ($85 for processor and $75 for memory, $0 for the Omega drivers).

IMHO, the processor is the best "bang for your buck" upgrade. Of course, your mileage may vary.


08-09-2003, 05:33 PM
Here are my display settings for all flights: