View Full Version : FS2004 switching screen crashing problem SOLVED!

08-03-2003, 12:30 AM
Just wanted to post that I completely fixed the problem I was having with FS2004 crashing while switching screens in XP.

I had tried the new 45.20 drivers earlier today but while the problem was reduced it was not cured. I then thought about what Pete Dowson had mentioned about program's running in the background so I used XP's Taskmanager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) to closed all the programs running it would let me and whalla, no more crashing even under the harshest of switching.

I then did a rebooted, did it again and wrote down what I was able to close and then checked each program one by one till I found the culprit, which for me was the Windows Office 98 Tool bar!

I then rebooted again, closed the MS Office Toolbar and flew for 2 straight hours using the GPS, ActiveSky with its voice metar reporting, Squawkbox and its needed patch on VATSIM, Roger Wilco, many opening and closings of Wazzup, many opening and closings of Task Manager to monitor performance and a few trips on the Internet all while switching many many times from min to full screen and back and not one single crash.

I'm a happy guy.

Hope this helps others.