View Full Version : Most external PAX loading aircrafts will not work in FS2004

07-28-2003, 08:17 PM
I have now tried four aircrafts and they all suffer from the same problem. Only aircrafts that are not externally PAX loaded will work with FS9 so far.

The aircraft will uncontrollably pitch up at takeoff at default trim. With the elevator trim at the most downwards setting, the aircraft may takeoff without the nose pointing 90 degrees upwards immediately after reaching takeoff speed but the elevator control is hypersensitive and the aircraft is completetly impossible to control.
The problem seems to lie in the conflict between the internal FS9 PAX weight management and external PAX loaders. Opening the payload dialog on these aircrafts will display completely erroneous numbers and will crash the application if I close this dialog.

I have heard from other people with the same problem. (Some suffering from uncontrollable pitch down instead of up)
Does anyone have a work around? All the high quality 3rd party aircrafts are externally PAX loaded, claim to have FS2004 compliance, but do not function at all.