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06-26-2003, 03:04 AM
hi peoples
currently i am running fs2k2 pro on a
intel celeron 1.7Ghz
128 MB ddr Ram Pc2100
nvidia tnt2 model 64 32MB :-lol
according to the label on the Video card it has Agp but i cannot enable it in Direct x

anyway what do i need to make fs run a bit better
i dont want a new processor only more ram and perhaps a card
can anyone help me out



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06-26-2003, 03:11 AM
Hi Flyerboy!

Other people are probably going to have all these technical, "Get the new persefinoe htreaded AMD, but you DON"T want the yada yada yadya,,,,,,,," and I'll admit-I respect you guys that know all that! I sure as heck don't!

Anywho, I'd recommend alteast doubling your RAM. I have 256mb of DDR 2700, and it runs FS2K2 just fine,,,,,though I'm sure 512 wouldn't hurt ;-)

As you said your processor doesn't really need immediate attention if you're on a budget,,,so stick with that.

I have always ahd VERY good relations and impressions with Gainward/CardExpert,,,,,they make EXCELLENT GeForce cards,,,I have a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 64mb DDR from them and LOVE IT!! One of the best performing 4 ti 4200's out there and they have a buil in overclocking utility, plus they are very stable. I paid $120 for mine about 6 months ago,,,,,my friend bought there ti 4600 SE 128mb DDR about 2 months ago for about $130,,,,,, GREAT cards and DEFINETLY a noticeable change

Hope this helps!


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06-26-2003, 03:39 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-26-03 AT 03:43AM (EDT)[p]To be prefectly honest with you, Celeron blows.

It's alright for basic gaming and word processing/internet surfing. Fine if you aren't a true diehard FSer. Blows for everything else. I ran FS2k2 on a Celeron for a year and it was awful, even at low settings.

But if you're planning on turning some sliders back to the halfway point or so, it should be alright.

As far as other upgrades, I would definatley pop another 256-512 MB of RAM into that system. 128 MB is barely enough to run the OS and a few basic apps, let alone FS. Besides, RAM is relatively cheap these days. http://www.crucial.com for good quality RAM, with free shipping and great prices. Just make sure you know what kind of RAM you have in there right now.

Video card wise...hmm. A Celeron is not going to take any modern video card to its full potential. Not even a Ti4200. Your processor remains a bottleneck. The Ti4200 is such as great deal though, that it's hard not to recommend it.

EDIT: For your system, I coul also recommend a Radeon 9000 Pro in the video card department.

Tim Kotula

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