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06-09-2003, 12:59 AM
A few days ago I downloaded and purchased Ultimate Traffic. I had been reading good things about it on this Forum and decided to get it for that reason.

What I had not read on this Forum is what happens when you try to install Ultimate Traffic into FS2002 when you are running Windows 98. Here is what happened to me:

I attempted to intsall Ultimate Traffic (UT) the first time. No dice. When I got to the AFCAD files, I got a Runtime 9 error. I was told I had to uninstall and reinstall. I did that. The second time around, I got by the AFCAD/Runtime 9 error problem. Then I had to Update. I got almost to the end of Update when I was told that UT had "encountered an error." The message box did not tell me what that error WAS, of course - it just said I had encountered an error and kicked me back to square 1.

At this point, I thought I would run FS2002 anyway, just to see if UT worked to any degree. When I tried to open up FS2002, I got an "Illegal Function" message as the opening screen tried to load. Now I could not open FS2002.

I uninstalled UT. Then I tried to open FS2002. No dice. It still would not open. I ended up having to uninstall FS2002 and then reinstalling it. Of course, this involved reinstalling FSNav, changing the cfg files on all the aircraft so they would turn with autopilot on, etc., etc.

I got one response to my post on the UT forum asking for help. The post said something about it not being a good idea to try to run Ultimate Traffic with Windows 98. No kidding.

I wish someone had informed me about the problems between UT and Windows 98 BEFORE I went to all this trouble.

Have any of you experienced similar problems with UT and Windows 98? Has anyone out there been SUCCESSFUL in running UT with Windows 98 and, if so, how did you do it?


06-09-2003, 01:42 AM
Chances are that you have some setting deep within Win98 that is messing it up. I would imagine, though, that it was beta tested on Win98, or else they would have said something.

Or, it could be an unresolvable issue, much like the Meridian and Win98. I'd give it a few days and see what they come up with. It hasn't even been out a week yet, so it will take some time to document the changes that need to be made.

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06-09-2003, 08:11 AM
UT was tested with 98/ME/XP with quite a big base of beta testers; so I think J.C. is correct you may have an OS issue that needs to be resolved. I have both ME and XP in some of my bench rigs and had no issues.
I'd check in the UT support forum for answers, would be a bit more appropriate IMOHO.


06-09-2003, 10:19 AM
LAST EDITED ON Jun-09-03 AT 10:20AM (EDT)[p]From what I have read on the UT forum errors are being caused by sceneries that may be very old and whilst the user has unchecked them , perhaps because they were causing problems, in the scenery library UT is looking at all the sceneries on the system. This has been found at least twice in the last couple of hours.

So first of all check that any outdated or problematical sceneries have been deleted not just unchecked.

Secondly a problem has been caused for others as they have moved their FS2002 folder to another location or have upgraded or changed their OS and have not reinstalled FS2002. Both these would probably mean that the registry entries are shot to pieces and UT needs to be able to ascertain information from these entries. When you installed UT did it tell you where FS2002 was or did you have to point to the folder yourself? If the latter then almost certainly the registry has not got FS2002 shown as being in the right place.

Try searching the registry for FS2002 and see what it finds.

The above may or may not help - I hope it does. I also hope you get UT up and running soon. It is a fine program.


06-09-2003, 02:56 PM
You might want to try this to help clean up your registry: