View Full Version : FS2002 - Hardware T&L Revisited...

06-03-2003, 02:42 AM
Recently, I downloaded an aircraft that my ancient P3/800, GeF 2 equipped system simply seemed to choke on. I already fly with a fair reduction of sliders, but I started sifting through the slider settings reducing things here and there, all for maybe 1-2fps gain. So I set everything back the way it was.

Hardware T&L I'd always left off. I'd enable it in FS, and seeing no performance gain, I'd turn it off. I should have paid attention, for it gave a clue for improving my performance beyond anything I'd imagine a P3/800 could do. Mind you, I knew it should improve my performance, but I ignored what was happening, for the year plus I've had a HW T&L capable card.

During my playing--my effort to get that extra ounce of performance for my new aircraft (ES's wonderful Premier), I saw something odd. If I enabled, then disabled HW T&L, my performance went up--way up. My results were very consistent. Autogen had always put my fps in the mid teens. Toggle HW T&L, and it went to my locked fps setting (25). But why would turning it on and off help? Shouldn't it work better when on?

So I started FS2002 with the T&L switch enabled (found under the "display" section of the FS2002.cfg, the line should read TnL=1). Sure enough, "stellar" performance. Performance I could have had, but missed through poor observation.

What I believe I did wrong was enabling HW T&L while FS was running. Seems to be a setting which must be read when FS starts. My toggling it on and off in FS2002 was probably enabling it instead. I never caught on the first and only other time I tried it.

I have seen posts citing fps from systems similar to mine. Mine has always seemed in the ballpark. But I feel today like I've gone out and doubled my cpu speed--in one instance, I discovered after removing the fps lock, that an aircraft which only saw 15 fps in spot view was getting 32 fps. It makes sense--HW T&L should remove some stress from the cpu, especially a low end one like mine.

I also had in the back of my mind reports citing instability with it enabled. I had FS running from 7AM until 10:30 PM tonight. As stable as ever....

Like every tip or idea before it, this one probably won't help all. The best candidates? Those with a T&L capable card (GeF 2,3 or 4, or a Radeon) and a slower cpu. It is very important to set the entry in FS2002.cfg so T&L is enabled when FS2002 launches. I'm sorry the release of FS2004 is so close. Today, I feel like I have a new FS2002.


System Specs:

P3/800, 256 Megs RAM, GEF 2/TI, Win 98SE, DX 8.1