View Full Version : Question: frame rate drop

03-09-2012, 07:10 PM

Just bought a new PC to run FSX.
Intel i7-2700K, SSD 240GB, nVidia 560ti, Win7 Pro 64, etc.

FSX Deluxe and Accel installed and did a few test flights over the last
few days using just default planes and default sceneries.
Got between 50 to 100 FPS around Friday Harbor in external view,
only that FPS was up and down sporadically. Smooth flight however.

Yesterday was time to start installing add-ons but I did a test flight
one last time with defaults before I start adding on.
Curiously, FPS is now around 25 to 35 ish, much lower than the day before.
Unlike before where the FPS was sporadically up and down, it is more
constant at this lower number.

Any idea why this might happen?

Only thing I touched between before and yesterday were:
1. Changed the Window 7's recovery setting in the control panel to a lower setting.
2. Added a backup software. Acronis True Image.

25-35FPS is still smooth enough, but worried that this may drop further when
adding more Addams.