View Full Version : 3 different downloads-3 different problems-one common thread?

03-01-2012, 12:17 AM
This weekend I decided to download some freeware planes. I picked a T-34, T-28 and T-2J (I like Navy trainers). So I follow the instructions (including unzipping all the files) and load them into FSX. Here's what I got:

T-34-Plane appears in all views, but instrument panel is static-no gauges work. Side panels appear and work

T-28-Plane appears in all views, but instrument panel is a big black hole. Side panels appear and work

T-2J-Plane appears in external views, but there's no airplane or panel in the VC view. I'm basically sitting in air in the VC view.

I read on the forum to uncheck the DX10 box in settings. No change.

I was trying to find a tutorial on installing panels and gauges for FSX, but couldn't find one. I tried to follow the article on gauges in FS2004, but it was just different enough that I couldn't follow it.

I was comparing the different .cfg files (both plane and panel) to see any outstanding differences. None (except the freeware planes didn't have the Microsoft Copyright on them).

I've also deleted the airplanes and zip files, and downloaded them a second time. Still no luck.

Any thoughts? I thought there may be a common problem since all 3 have VC problems. I also noted that they are not FSX native-they are modified FS2004 planes.

Or did I just get a bunch of bum downloads?

Any thougts, comments or suggestions are appreciated.