View Full Version : Four Monitor setup with triple head to go digital

08-25-2011, 03:53 PM
I could use some advice on a video setup I'm interested in. My Current setup is as follows:

HPE-180t i7 CPU, 16GB Ram 4TB Disk
ATI Radeon 4650 with 1 GB of dedicated graphics memory and 3 GB of shared memory
Two 26" 1080P Monitors
Track IR 5
Saitek Rudders, yoke, and throttle

I'm interested in setting up a 4 monitor system

3 1080P monitors connected to a Matrox triple head 2 go digital
1 1080P monitor (or possibly smaller) just for 2D gages GPS, and ATS windows

The way I fly now is:

I start with the 2D cockpit
I undock the window that shows the runway and I drag that over to the main monitor
I set that undocked runway window on the center monitor to the 3D cockpit leaving the 2D cockpit with gages, GPS, etc. on the other monitor

I generally fly with the 3D cockpit and Track IR 5 on the center monitor but I find it nice to have the other monitor available for fussing with the GPS, radios, etc., the buttons in the virtual cockpit can be a pain to work with particularly with Track IR 5 as it is hard to hold your head still enough to use the mouse to click things in the 3D cockpit.

My grand plan is to have that center monitor with the 3D cockpit really be three 1080P monitors hooked up with triple head to go.

My questions are:

Has anyone done anything like this?

My ATI card has multiple outputs on it (HDMI, DVI, and RGB, can it handle the one very wide connection to the triple head 2 go and one other to another 1080P monitor, does it have enough ram, will the Matrox driver and software support this?

Has anyone had any experience with the Nivida 3D solutions, they seem to be able to do something similar to Matrox with triple head 2 go?

What about AMD/ATI's EyeInfinity solution. I think I might need a newer GPU but that also might work, anyone with experience with that?

I know I'm going crazy here but I am having a lot of fun