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Air Holland
02-12-2011, 03:35 PM
Hello Guys and Girls,

At the moment i'am working to make an historical time table of Air Holland flights for flight simulator and Air Holland VA.

Who can help me with the flight times of the destinations below
It may also be flight times of Dutchbird, Transavia or Martinair who flow on the same destinations so i can change them to the original departure times of Air Holland

Thanks in advanced for your help.

I need the flowing information:
Departure time Amsterdam (LT) - arrival time destination (LT) - departure time destination (LT) - arrival time Amsterdam (LT) (LT= local time)

Amsterdam - Barbados GG023
Barbados - Amsterdam GG024

Amsterdam - Cagliari GG375
Cagliari - Amsterdam GG376

Amsterdam - Corfu (via Maastricht) GG123
Corfu - Amsterdam GG124

Amsterdam - Dalaman (via Maastricht) GG239
Dalaman - Amsterdam GG240

Amsterdam - Faro (via Groningen) GG101
Faro - Amsterdam GG102

Amsterdam - Malaga (via Groningen) GG613
Malaga - Amsterdam GG614

Amsterdam - Palma (via Groningen) GG315
Palma - Amsterdam GG316

Amsterdan - Heraklion (via Maastricht) GG527
Heraklion - Amsterdam GG528

Amsterdam - Heraklion (via Chania) GG 531
Chania - Amsterdam GG532

Amsterdam - Kalamata (via Skyros) GG105
Skyros - Amsterdam GG106

Amsterdam - Lemnos GG595
Lemnos - Amsterdam GG596

Amsterdam - Mahon (via Palma) GG311
Palma - Mahon GG312

Amsterdam - Mitilini (via Samos) GG223
Samos - Amsterdam GG224

Amsterdam - Ovda (via Tel Aviv) GG271
Tel Aviv - Amsterdam GG272

Amsterdam - Santo Domingo GG043
Santo Domingo - Amsterdam GG044

Amsterdam - Malta (via Maastricht) GG373
Malta - Amsterdam GG374

Amsterdam - Rabat (via Marakech) GG301
Marakech - Amsterdam GG302

Amsterdam - Tivat GG??
Tivat - Amsterdam GG??