View Full Version : Classic Hangars FW190A late variants problem

02-12-2011, 02:33 PM

I have Classic Hangars' FW-190A later variants for FSX and have two distinct problems:

In easy settings my engine cuts with a bang --has done so 3 times in a row in 3 flights. Unable to start it then in the air.

Another minor problem is I cannot get the crosshairs (lit cross) to show on the gunsight.

Any ideas anyone?

I tried going to their site, by both my browsers refuse to find it and make it show.

(I also hear that many have had FSX crash problems with this, some of them so serious they have to reinstall the sim, while others cannot load the plane. I had none of those myself and was lucky. They should issue a patch and what they have done so far ( a different set of less demanding textures) has not helped those who who cannot load the plane at all. In other words, it was a half-measure but not a real solution.)