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05-15-2002, 11:38 AM
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Well I have been away from my first sim for a few months and tried it again yesterday. Fun!! My first sim? Well, yes I had FS for the Apple II and others like SWOTL and Aces in the Pacific but I'm talking about CFS 1 when I really got into FS and discovered the world of add-ons and forums (flightsim.com was the first). I also have had fs98 and fs200^0, fs 98 bought after CFS. Strange sim this CFS flew a mission in the P-51 to blow up some Me-262s WHAT A BLAST. Heck I had 45 fps in spot view with all those Mustangs and Focke Wulves and explosions, strangely 18-23 in side. But still great! Alos strange in that although I have a few 3rd party plaes for this sim (mostly freeware but one payware series) I think the default are better. I really enjoy freeflight esp. over Switzerland or the 3 cities of Berlin, Paris or London. In fact it was the fact I was spending so much time in Freeflight that made me look at civilian simming. Just thought I'd share and dream of when I can upgrade to get similar performance in fs2002[:-lol] Well not complaining still enjoy fs2002 immensely.
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