View Full Version : Newbie...Need help with Flight Deck 5

12-16-2008, 08:55 PM
I recently purchased both filght deck 5 and carrier strike force,

Big problem with FD5...
When approaching the carrier at the correct AOA, I cannot see the carrier. FD5 seems to position you too far low in the seat and the intrumentation gets in the way from viewing downward. All of their aircraft do this in the Cockpit view...even on the heli when flying. I seem to sit too low and can't see over the instrumentation. FSX has a landing view to help you see, but FD5 does not have this.

3d view does not have this problem as I am seated high enough to see down at the carrier, but 3d view does not allow you to see the instruments that clearly, so speed etc is fuzzy.

Has anyone ever landed on FD5? It seems nearly impossible. I saw a tutorial on youtube for FSX Acceleration carrier landings and I could see carrier during the approach, in fact the trainer states that you should be able to see the top of the deck during the apprach.

Can anyone help with FD5? The graphics are nice but I can't seem to land. I'd hate to return it but it does not seem to work.