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02-26-2008, 12:25 PM
After all these years I decided to try the "slew" mode, having no idea what it was or what I was going to see. First of all even though I had selected the "slew" mode FS9 for some reason does not retain the setting but reverts directly bacl to "normal flight". Can someone provide me with a heads-up on this function, how to keep the setting and what I can expect to see by using it?

02-26-2008, 04:22 PM
Thats odd that its not keeping slew enabled. When you press the Y key FS9 should just enter slew mode. To exit you need to press the Y key again. Perhaps another simmer will be able to help you out with that.

You wont see anything "special" while using slew. It exists solely for convinience. Slewing lets you rapidly change the location of your airplane. Its very handy if you want to rapidly re-position yourself at an airport for example. Just hit Y and quickly scoot across to where you want to go.

Its also very useful for checking out any new scenery or mesh that you may have added. Using slew you can scoot around "inside" terminal buildings, race across the rooftops (Matrix-style!) or very rapidly elevate yourself (like a helicopter).

You can control the planes pitch, roll, yaw, vertical & horizontal movement etc. using the numpad keys.

A small tip: if you slew on the ground press F1 and then press Y to exit slew. This is because some planes out there have an issue whereby if you just exit slew they go to full throttle and Warp 8. F1 "tells" FS9 that the plane is definetly on the ground hee hee.

Hope that helps a bit...

02-26-2008, 04:44 PM

When you enter Slew mode (by pressing the "Y" key ONCE), you should see the word SLEW, in RED, at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Pressing the "Y" key again will take you out of slew mode.


02-26-2008, 06:08 PM
Yup its strange it doesn't keep the settings. "Y" in "Y" out.

What I use slew mode for is as follows:

1. After landing at an airport, I use slew to "look around" the scenery. You can download a road vehicle to drive around the town, or, what I did, is to download a hot-air balloon which I can go up in and survey the scenery. After all, what's the use of all this beautiful available scenery if all you do is fly from one airport to another. Being from South Africa, I have also downloaded a fishing boat, and after landing in the beautiful Cape on the notorious Robbin Island, I set my 'aircraft' to this boat, which I have already set up at the jetty as a 'flight', and sail to the Cape Town jetty (at a fast sim rate to get me there quicker). I then swap the boat for a car, and drive around the town. Crazy things us simmers do, but its fun and realistic.

2. I use slew to plan a flight, which is probably one of the most useful applications of slew mode. I use FSNav 4.5, which is stupendous for navigating and planning courses, and slew mode works great with this. Take for example the outstanding Vancouver + scenery. The only way you can fly to these little airstrips hidden in the mountains is to fly VFR between the mountain peaks, following the rivers or highways. So you can slew the whole route quickly and create fixes at the important locations so that you don't bash into the mountains. Save them as a nav route, and bingo, you have a flight plan.

3. I use slew to position myself for an approach at the little mountain airports airport which has no ILS or VOR navigation aids and you have to approach them VFR. I set up the approach course as in 2 above, according to the terrain and the best way to fly in, and also make a note of the heights I have to be on final approach to avoid obstacles, because you'll find that you often don't have much room to do a turn-around or circuit or procedure turn without crashing into the mountains, and have to make a direct approach. This will save you a lot of guesswork in trying to land on one of these airstrips. My approach is to plan the approach with FSNav and slew mode, and then, in slew mode I position my aircraft at the various fixes, and using the F3 and 'A' key I position myself at the right height to make the landing, and then 'slew' in to make sure the plan works.I then print out this approach plan and pencil in the target "numbers" (height, distance, heading, speed, rate of descent, etc) for your personal use, and really ENJOY flying into these little airstrips.

4. Remember to switch num locks OFF when in slew mode. Also, if you're positioned at an approach fix in slew mode and then hit the numlock key to go back to normal flying, the plane is going to react immediately and you must be ready to take the controls and adjust the throttle, etc. to test it out in flying mode.

Hope this helps

02-28-2008, 12:13 PM
My experience with the slew mode is this, the frame freezes when the Y is clicked and unfreezes when clicked again, no fast forward happens.

02-28-2008, 02:10 PM
My experience with the slew mode is this, the frame freezes when the Y is clicked and unfreezes when clicked again, no fast forward happens.

That is likely correct - you then use your number keys to the right of your keyboard to move your aircraft around. Be sure your NumLock key is OFF.

8 goes forward, 2 goes back, 4 to the left and 6 to the right. The other keys will move you on angles. The 5 key stops all movement.

The Q key will raise you and the A key will lower you.

That is how Slew works in FS2004 - there are some subtle chages in FSX though.

Hope this helps.

02-28-2008, 04:57 PM
Thank you for that informative data I appreciate it.

02-28-2008, 07:28 PM
You can also use the joystick to 'zoom'. The more you push the faster it goes, up to Mach 3.999. (Fun to do?) You can also use the twist part of stick. And the F5 thru F8 keys to tilt AC. For FAST 'climb' use F4 and for FAST descent use F1. The Q and A keys are for SLOW up/down. Write these down, as our 'mind' don't comprehend use of these keys when in slew.

When you put AC down on ground, and after you hit the Y key, be ready to quckly hit the F1 key so it don't zoom off. If it does, then hit Y key again and start over. (Dah).

What I do so it don't zoom off is hit Q (to elevate AC a few feet), /5 (to stop/freeze), /B (to set barometer and ground 'level'), and then A key until AC hits ground, then Y to turn slew off, followed quickly by press of F1. That works good.

If you go ONLINE and they say you're 'floating', then just do the above sequence (including 'B' press, which is the 'trick') to sit wheels squarely down on ground.

Another (UNDOCUMENTED) use of Y key is to stop a out of control/spinning AC, and especially a helicopter, so you can regain control. You hit Y key twice, quickly, and go 'fetch' that runaway/out of control AC using throttle and controls. I posted this UNDOCUMENTED 'trick' on Hovercontrol forum about 3 years ago, so I COULD be the one who discovered this 'trick'. (Ok, it WAS me who first found this, why be so modest-heehee). Not sure if it was FS2000 or FS2002, but one of those when I was into helicopters. Cheers.
Chuck B

02-28-2008, 09:58 PM
Of course you can slew using the joystick but I suspect most folks who make use of the slew option do so when enhancing scenery with one of the object placing programs and in that case they need to be moving very slowly and precisely.

Therefore they make use of the number keys to do the job.

I also like to slew around any new airport enhancement I install just to look closely at what the author has done.