View Full Version : Help: tech prob..

05-15-1999, 08:10 AM
I just bought CFS, very excited by this site..
BUT why is the game so jerky on my comp???
I read that it works right in 800*600 even on P166+ 3DFX !

...and i have a PII 266MMX+SD64+ 2D/3DAGP iV2740 + Voodoo2 (DX6 drivers) !!

in fact the game is average smooth until i don't move too fast,
but when i 'm close to the ground or when i turn fast the game is slow
and jerky, but above all, the animation "stops" a slit second very often
even when I drive quiet. And in 640*480 !!!
When i'm approaching building, it's worst.
I can play but that's not fun.. particulary when i read that CFS works so
good whith little config..
i've never undergone problems with other sim before(i.e. Jane's F15)

What is going on??
and how can i proceed to evaluate the frame-rate on CFS?

If you have any idea to solve my problem, i would be very grateful.