View Full Version : Re: ZONE! troubles

02-01-1999, 01:48 PM
I've logged into the zone via Netscape with no troubles, but can't figure out

how to get CFS to run in it. When in the multy-player screen of CFS, the only
option I have is to host a session, and when I click on the play on the zone
icon it just sits there thinking, no matter how long I give it, and it doesn't
matter weather i'm logged on or not. Is there something I'm missing here as far

as what to do??? I've gotten all the dl from zone so I don't think that's the

1)Close down your CFS
2)Log on to the Zone and go to a game room for CFS
3)Select a game that is running and hit the join button and CFS should then
4)I suggest starting your CFS in a window (alt-enter) the minute that CFS
launches and not full screen as sometimes CFS crashes. If you're in a window
you can hit ctrl-alt-del and survive. If in full screen you will have a lockup
and then need to restart your computer. Believe me I know as My most favorite
MS game is called "Scandisk".
After you see the game screen that has the player's name in a list you are safe
to hit (alt-enter) again to go full screen.
At this time you may read the preferences and game settings.
If this is a first to ## you can't join the game until the game is over and all
are back to the ready room.
Select plane and if teams select a team.
Hit Ready
Don't be afraid of asking for help at any point by typing in at the chat
screen. Most will help you if they can. some are not though.
This method should work.
Good luck getting shot down :)
hope to see you in my sights