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01-22-1999, 09:00 PM
Yes, indeed. The X-FIles have visited Microsoft. Reports of a UFO over
Stonehenge are acurrate. I saw a posting that someone wanted the coordinates.
(Being a true flying buff, I did it the old fashioned way - but for the
eager-beavers, at the end of this message, I will give the coordinates.)

Being curious after hearing of reports from Salisbury that UFO's were raiding
farms, I decided to hop into my P51 - Mustang. I was stationed at Middle
Wallop, which is west of Salisbury. I took off and headed ESE (about 100
dgrees). Since the Microsoft world has no true landmarks for Salisbury, I had
to use a little dead reckoning. You need a pretty good map of England where
you will see the Southern border. Just north of Southampton is a large inlet
bay pointing towards Salisbury.(If you get lost this will help you get on
track!) Just north (about 8 miles) of Salisbury is Stonehenge (Microsoft
didn't include this either - maybe some enterprising scenery designer might add

this!) At least if Stonehenge is there, I can't find it. Flying North from
where Salisbury should be I saw the Craft. Circular and silver-grey. As I
approached (full flaps and idle engine - about 140 knots) I saw something
suspended below. I droped to 750 feet and passed, to my surprise, a very large
PIG. How appropriate, I thought, since Microsoft is a very large PIG! I guess

the best humor is the humor we see in ourselves! Don't bother firing on the
craft for it must have shields!

Enough, sorry. Had fun locating this easter egg on my own. If you hate 'hide
and seek' Below are the coordinates.

Have fun!

And thanks Microsoft for a sense of humor!

N51* 11.56' W1* 51.28' altitude: 1200 ft.

This is North of the sighting, so be heading approximately 180*

Happy Flying. Bill

Stonehenge is there. Fly around a bit, you also might have to have scenery set
to "Very Dense". It looks pretty good.

Andy B