View Full Version : Replay mode stutter in FS2002

04-05-2002, 11:28 AM
LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-02 AT 11:30AM (EDT)[p]I really enjoy the new version of Flight Simulator from Microsoft, but the playback-feature has degraded from the last edition (FS2000).

The stutters in replay mode are not appearant in spot view, but from the tower view, it really halts a lot. From what I've seen and tested, the picture stop especially over autogen-scenery.

I don't have any solution for this problem and thought it might be in other people's interest to solve it as well. Not only can you learn a lot from watching your own landings, but it also used to look nice...

As always, and with me too - any feedback would be much appreciated, thankyou.


. Jensen, Oslo, Norway

P.S. You didn't say it was system specific, did you? x(