View Full Version : FS98 and FS2002

04-07-2002, 12:18 PM
Hello, Luis,
Amplifying on the previous note, in general the sims are only one-way
compatible. That is, FS98 stuff will work, more or less, in later sims. But not
the other way about. What's more, sometimes scenery from the earlier sim will
not agree with elevation or coastlines of the new one, with bizarre results.
I agree about FS2002's niceties. In fact, the main reason I bought FS2002
(actually, I hinted enough and got it for Christmas) was that I wanted to take
advantage of its neat water. Otherwise, like many others at this forum, I was
pleased with FS98 (as a major improvement over FS5.1, my previous version).
Since then, my major attraction to FS2002 has been GMax, the immensely
powerful aircraft- and scenery-building software that's part of FS2002 Pro. On
my 600-MHz machine, the biggest disadvantage is loading time (I seem to spend a
lot more time in FS2002 watching that bar fill out...)
All in good fun. -- Dennis