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03-06-2002, 03:24 PM
I have just installed Navdash on my computer and I am using FS98. I heard and
read so many good things about Navdash, but I have a problem to get the program
running. If I try to load an existing flight plan I will get a failure message.
The same when trying to feed the FMS with own data. For example I get choose
the airport and the FMS will give the available runways. When I choose a runway
I get the failure message "35.896543____" (Note the numbers are not correct,
just an example). I checked these numbers in the apt.txt database for that
runway and realized that these are the position for the runway. It seems the
FMS can not understand this data. When I go back to previous page I will find
the airport and the runway on the page, however without Long and Lat reference.
Something similar happens if I try to enter mach e.g. .78, i will receive a
failure message, whereas inputs in knots are OK.

I loaded the sample flight plan from GPS 1.1 and this one worked.
(If you look in this flight plan, the coordinates are given by degrees, minutes
and seconds)
In the meantime I installed the update of Navdash 2.5.4, but this did not help
at all.
Does somebody made similar experiences or does somebody know the reason for

Your help is very much appreciated.

Thanks Mark