View Full Version : Accident Report - not so "I', AI aircraft

04-02-2002, 08:45 PM
As part of my quest to fly the excellent NATS R4D-6 round the world. Very slowly, low & enjoying the scenery mind you. ;o)
Flying into Santiago, Chilli, SCEL. Weather overcast to 3000', captured the ILS nicely an hand flying down the pipe, out of cover perfectly lined up, this is going to be a good 'un.
I hear the tower announce SOAR 2645 is inbound and second for landing. Since I can't maintain a fast enough approach, I have experienced regularly the heavy iron being waved off when I'm on finals.
A great touch down on the numbers, I hear SOAR being waved off, just about to exit first taxi way when the "last" words word I hear is "SOAR 2645, you are not authorised to land" and my poor R4D-6 gets flattened by a 737! After 100+ landings & 1000 hrs in the bird I felt all numb. :o(
Anyone else had this problem?