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07-06-2000, 06:37 PM
I recently decided to go back to old-school and install FS 5.1 on my machine.
It's a Gateway machine with 64MB of RAM, and an Athlon 650MHz. It also has a
3Dfx Voodoo with 16MB of RAM, and a Sound Blaster Live card. Running Win98 SE.
Sounds like too much for an old DOS game..
but, the only problem is... I need some help making the thing run... I kinda
know about creating a boot disk, or setting up a DOS mode for it, including all
the details for the config.sys and autoexec.bat
I need some help with a mouse driver for DOS, and the CD-ROM driver for it.
I checked with Gateway, and they no longer provide support for DOS, and I don't
know if Windows provides a mouse driver for DOS.
Also, what would be the best settings for EMM386.EXE in config.sys?
I checked dosstart.bat, and the only line there is to initialize the sound
card. No mouse, and no CD-ROM.
The only way I can get the CD-ROM to work in DOS, is by using the start-up
diskette that you can make by going to Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs ->
Start Up Disk Tab.
I tried taking a look at the autoexec.bat and config.sys on that diskette, and
it's really complicated, since there's a load of code there, and many different
drivers for the CD-ROM.
The CD-ROM is actually a DVD-ROM made by Pioneer.
I hope someone here can help me with this,
Thanks in advance,

PS: if possible, reply to rgarcia@NOSPAM.networkeducation.org