View Full Version : Re: caribbean star airlines dash 8 100 aircraft/FS98

08-30-2002, 10:20 PM
Hello, everyone I am looking for someone to paint a dash 8 100 in caribbean
star airlines colours with working landing lights.ALSO I WOULD like the flight
model as accurate as is possible to the real aircraft as i am using this
aircraft for ifr training .U see i have my comm/instrument multi licence.there
is a flight model in LIAT colours in the dash 100 search library but this one
doesnt have working landing lights/no pilots in the cockpit to see nor do the
gears retract realistically they just pop up or down not realistic can any one
paint thsi aircraft for me asap my email is peterwickham6@hotmail.com.Also the
liat dash 8 100 does not have moving props can anyone fix these shortcomings
and paint it in caribbean star colours for me?caribbean star web page is
www.flycaribbeanstar.com also BUT IN FS98 VERSION PLEASE

Hello I have a real dash 8 AFM and standards manual if you need any info