View Full Version : Re: How to import object from FS?

10-10-2003, 05:01 AM

I would like to fix some default scenery and would like to know how to import
an object from FS.

I asume first I need to find the BGL with the object (how?)

Then import that object to a sdesign program (which?)

Thx for any advice



You may be able to import an object from the default scenery, but it would most
likely be very difficult. You would have a bgl file that covers a large area,
and has many, many objects in it, so you would have a tough time of it figuring
out which object is which.

I'd suggest using an exclude area in airport2.xx, to remove the errant
building(s), and then re-create it (them) using one of the object design
programs, there are many available out there, some are free, some are payware.

If you look at my Seattle Seahawks stadium scenery (hawks2k2.zip), this is an
example where I have excluded the area of the old stadium, and then created the
new one.