View Full Version : Re: Elevated runway (Objects under dont work...)

03-31-2002, 04:02 PM
when the runway is elevated in an flattened area below rwy elevation
objects beneath the runway are drawn like tey where over the runway ( and rwy
lights ), like some sorth off high priority??!!!. But polygons beneath seem to
be drawn Ok.<

***Martin, the unwanted objects displaying may be presently assigned to be at ground level. If this is so, they will display the way you describe. You will need to assign them the proper altitude in meters above MSL (RefPoint 2 in SCASM) and then they should display where you assign them under the runway?

I use GMAX to build design obgjects.. and SCASM to other...<

*** If GMAX assigns the altitudes of the objects, be sure to assign them at the proper altitude (same as above comment).

solution is to rebuild the BGL or SCASM command off RUNWAY with GMAX planes
( are like objects), SCASM for rwy lights, even VASI, etc. In that way objects

are not seen true the rwy and rwy lights. But it seems the hard way!! must
exist other

*** I have not used GMAX yet and of course don't understand much about what it
does in cases like this, but surely you can assign the proper atlitudes to your
objects in GMAX.

'Hope this helps; J.R.