View Full Version : Nvidia 28 32's as posted on Dream Fleet for what it is worth

03-23-2002, 06:14 PM
First... I did not install them properly ..self extracting does not at least on my system override existing drivers completely thank you Simon

I had a library file which had a 23:11 ext. so big mess up with XP they were not happy campers..Windows XP was not happy at all.

Then I installed the 28:32's properly...ok

My only video driver problem was at takeoff 80 to 140 knots I had
flashing on the left side with re-appearing RW markers.

After I did a proper install of 28:32 drivers I found the following:

1. No more flashing at take off
2. Sky looks more realistic blue..could be oil change i.e. it must be better cause I changed the oil
3. Significant increase in detail on wing view...no oil change here (both after takeoff and beforre landing)

Bottom line once I installed them properly they did work and did
improve the eye candy.

System: P4 2.2a ti 500 Audogy 512 RAM -the expensive kind -which ever that is ...Windows XP Home

So I had a measurable improvement in eye candy

FR nope still more than I need ...no change DF 23/31 LAX 45/67 flight all maxed including water details.