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03-20-2002, 11:33 AM
I have been tweaking Fs air files and config files for a long time and every now and then just when I think I understand it, it doesn't work! Contrails! or smoke fx files, which ever you prefer. DreamFleet has a great smoke effect that mimic's a real turbine engine's exhaust output. I have added this fx file to many planes and it looks great. The problem is on a few including the default MD-83 (which is tweaked to fly), I cant adjust the height of the smoke effect. No matter what number I assign it, it remains too low behind the engine. For anyone who hasn't added these effects to your planes, your missing out on just a bit more realism.

Here's how it works (I think)! look in the aircraft config file for this grouping:
engine_type= 1
Engine.0= -103.600, -8.500, 0.600
Engine.1= -103.600, 8.500, 0.600
fuel_flow_scalar= 1.000

This is the data that reads where the engines are located thus producing contrails from here when over FL300.

All values are based on a reference datum, a point on the plane that is 0. It maybe the nose,maybe the wing. I found that many planes are different. If your contrails don't come out of the engines then here is where you fix it.

The order is as follows: Group 1 is fore/aft, group 2 is left/right, group 3 is up/down. Again all from the reference datum of zero.

To add smoke or other addon effects like dreamfleets exhaust, add the following lines:
smoke.0=0.60,-103.6,-8.5, DF734smoke
smoke.1=0.60,-103.6, 8.5, DF734smoke

Again the numbers adjust the effect only MS put in a slight curve by changing the order of the numbers around. In the smoke effect, the order is as follows: group 1 is up/down, group 2 is fore/aft, group three is left/right. The "DF734smoke" is from the dreamfleet 737 program. There are many effects already in the "effects" folder in FS2002, just cut and paste the effect on to the end of the numbers. Of course, use the "I" key to trigger the smoke effect.

The above example is from the default MD-83.

Anyway, it works on most planes, but some I can change the up/down number and nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix that? Or why I cant?

Sorry this is so long. I'm sure it has been covered here at one time or another but I couldn't find it.

Happy simming!


03-20-2002, 11:45 AM
Forgot that forum doesnt allow brackets, so there are two lines missing in my example. above engine numbers there should be the line "GeneralEngineData" in square brackets. Then above smoke numbers should be the line "SMOKESYSTEM" in square brakets. Dont forget those or none of it will work!